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From TCM Point How To Judge The Deficiency Of Qi And Blood

2018-12-11 09:28

If you have something wrong about deficiency of qi and blood please see the following message to help you judge the problems.

1.Look at hair

Hair is closely related to liver and kidney. If the liver blood is sufficient, the hair will have sufficient blood supply. The essence of kidney is the foundation of human body. The growth of hair and the maintenance of healthy state are closely related to kidney. If hair whitening is a sign of the decline of liver blood and kidney qi, but some teenagers have white hair in a short period of time, accompanied by bad temper and easy to get angry, it is mostly due to liver depression and blood heat. If it is accompanied by insufficient sleep, weakness of waist and knees, and tinnitus, it is due to insufficient kidney qi.

2.Look at the skin

The skin mainly depends on whether it has luster, elasticity and wrinkles. In fact, the skin is closely related to the lung. If the skin is pink in white, shiny, elastic, wrinkle-free and spot – free, it means that the lung has enough blood and energy. If the skin is rough, dull, dark, pale, bluish, red, yellow and mottled, it indicates poor health and insufficient blood and energy.

3.Look at sleep

Women with sufficient qi and blood fall asleep very quickly, sleep is also very deep, breathing is also very uniform, and they sleep until they wake up naturally. If it’s difficult for you to fall asleep, you always wake up at night, and you always have to pee, breathe heavily or snore, it means that your qi and blood are deficient. And like sleeping is also a sign of deficiency of qi and blood.

Symptoms of deficiency of qi and blood


Some people are exhausted physically and mentally because they work hard all the year round and often feel like a rabbit jumping around in her arms. At the same time, the symptoms of palpitations will worsen after physical activity, after eating, and even in times of mental stress, seriously affecting people’s normal work and life.

Hands and feet cold.

Cold hands and feet is a common phenomenon, which is more common among women. These people always work in front of the desk at ordinary times and have little time to exercise, or simply do not exercise. Over time, the function of the heart weakens, the blood flow slows down, and the energy cannot benefit the limbs, so cold hands and feet appear.

Insomnia and dreaminess

Insomnia is more and more disturbing to modern people. Many people feel that insomnia affects their health, and poor sleep throughout the night reduces their physical fitness. On the contrary, it is the physical decline that causes insomnia. Insomnia groups are mostly adults. Adults are in a state where they can’t make ends meet for a long time due to their career and family, that is, they are spending a lot of ” qi” and overdrawing ” blood”.Any questions about deficiency of Qi and Blood please contact us through the following:

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