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Recipes for Patients with Lupus

2012-12-17 16:54

Lupus, also known as SLE (systemic Lupus Erythematosus), is a systemic autoimmune disease which attacks commonly in females. There’s no effective therapy existing now for this problem. Therefore, we recommend dietary therapy, also called recipe, to help deal with this disease. Hope can help.

Recipe we provide for Lupus patients is in line with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition become major principle for dietary therapy. These types are divided according to this theory. They are: flourishing heat-toxicity, impairment of qi and yin, deficiency of liver-yin and kidney-yin, rheumatic fever and spleen-kidney yang deficiency.

For Lupus patients with flourishing heat-toxicity, their major symptoms are persistent sudden high fever, erythematosus, muscle stiffness, upset, ravings, decreased urine output, hemafecia, cutaneous purpura and some others.

The major recipe for this kind of Lupus patients should follow clear away heat and toxic materials, remove stasis and some others.

Porridge of the seed of Job's tears, mung bean and lily is recommended for those patients.

Impairment of qi and yin

Typical symptoms of this kind of patients are: palpitation, chest distress, insomnia, limb weakness, night sweat, alopecia and pale complexion.

Porridge of astragalus mongholicus, codonopsis pilosula and Chinese-date is suitable for this kind of Lupus patients.

Deficiency of liver-yin and kidney-yin

Avoid garlic, green onion, chilli, ginger, Chinese parsley, leechee, shrimp, beef, mutton and some others foods. This is extremely important for those patients.

Rheumatic fever and spleen-kidney yang deficiency

Invigorating spleen, supplementing qi, tonifying kidney and removing excess fluid are the principle for SLE patients in this type.

Yin deficiency of liver and kidney type

Typical signs of this type include low fever lasting for a long time, dysphoria in chestpalms-soles, light-headedness, oliguria, rash, syrigmus and arthralgia etc.

One can stew prepared rehmannia root and pulp of dogwood fruit with duck meat, or stew prepared rhizome of rehmannia, rhizoma anemarrhenae with quail.

In this article, I only offer some of the recipes. If you are interested in all recipes for these types of Lupus patients, then free feel to ask for them!

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