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Foods That Patients with Lupus Nephritis Should Avoid

2012-10-11 16:42

Foods That Patients with Lupus Nephritis Should Avoid Lupus Nephritis refers to a kidney impairment induced by SLE. Therefore, the foods that patients eat should dodge those potential causes.

A right diet is beneficial to better manage their Lupus Nephritis while a bad one speeds up their medical condition quickly.

1. Foods that LN patients shouldn’t eat: mutton

Mutton aggravates symptoms of lupus or Lupus Nephritis; therefore, mutton and some other certain meat should definitely avoid.

2. Vegetables are not recommended to those patients: spinach, celery and alfalfa since those vegetables contribute to light sensitivity and facial rash.

3. Chilli, garlic, green Chinese onion, longan and Chinese leek. In Chinese, those foods are febrile which are not recommended to patients with Lupus Nephritis since they may aggravate one’s medical condition.

4. Foods high in fat and cholesterol

Those kinds of foods include mutton, hairtail, sea eel etc.

5. Don’t consuming alcohol

6. Quitting smoking since harmful substances in cigarettes may stimulate vascular wall and make vasculitis worse.

7. Stay away from seafood, for instance, shrimp, crab, things of that sort. Why seafood isn’t the optimal ones? This is because most of the patients have allergic constitution, the consumption of those foods may aggravate one’s illness condition.

8. Other than seafood, diet containing L-canavanine which may speed up deterioration of their medical condition. Food containing L-canavanine is alfalfa, soybean, broad bean or adzuki bean.

9. Stop torturing yourself by eating heavy food, because inflammation has already developed in gastrointestinal tract of SLE patients, meaning heavy foods probably would pose extra burden on damaged stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Greasy or fat-filled foods, red meat or spicy foods should be avoided since they may upset your poor stomach.

10. High protein diet is regarded as foods that are beneficial to most of the patients. Maybe, but this kind of diet could also react against kidney disease patients since their poor injured kidneys are so vulnerable to take another blow. Consuming certain amount of high protein foods helps; maybe 3-4g/kg is the upper limit.

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