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How To Deal With Lupus Nephritis and Proteinuria

2018-06-05 11:58

Lupus renal disease is a kind of glomerular nephritis that is caused by the systemic lupus erythematosus .The lupus is a kind of self-immune disease and can lead to the renal function decline easily.When the renal function is abnormal that will lead to the proteinuria.That will hurt your kidney further. Therefore many patients want to know the relation between the proteinuria and lupus nephropathy.

Why do the lupus nephropathy patients have the proteinuria?

The cause of proteinuria is that when your kidney in normal and it can discharge all kinds of toxins and wastes out of body, as well as absorb the useful substance from it ,but when your kidney is damaged and can not work normally,it will lose the ability to absorb the useful substance back to the blood,and then the protein will leak into the urine and form the proteinuria.

At present the treatment for the proteinuria is adopted the hormone treatment. After the hormone treatment the proteinuria can be improved apparently,but after stop the hormone medicines the proteinuria will relapse again.At the same time the hormone medicines will disturb the patient’s immune system and normal hormone secretion. Especially to the children ,the hormone medicine will affect their normal growth and intelligence growth. Then lots of patients are very confused to their treatment ,how to avoid the side effect of this treatment.

Now in China ,Beijing Tongshantang hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicne has developed a new special treatment –natural treatment that can help all patients treat the nephropathy ,that is a kind of detoxification therapy to help patients remove all kinds of toxins and wastes without any side effect to patients.When the blood is clean then the medicine effect can release thoroughly. For the deposite of toxins and wastes in your body can not only hurt the kidney cells and tissues but also decrease the treatment effect. Therefore discharging all kinds of toxins and waste is more important to the treatment effect.

One of the most important natural treatment is the Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, that can help remove all kinds of toxins and wastes from your body, that is an external therapy using lots of kinds of herbal medicines which are produced into powder to release more medicine effect and improve the efficiency .With the help of penetration machine and two medicine bags, the active substance of herbal medicine can penetrate directly into the lesion of kidney and repair the kidney cells, promote the blood circulation of kidney ,then can carry enough oxygen,nutrient and blood to kidney.That natural treatmetn can help improve the kidney function and treat the proteinuria from root.

Furthermore the immune therapy which is specialized in treating the immune disease ,Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy,Hot compress therapy and Fumigation therapy can also help patients repair the damaged kidney cells and recover the kidney function.

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