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Immunotherapy: A Novel Therapy for Sufferers of Lupus Nephritis

2012-10-11 16:41

Immunotherapy: A Novel Therapy for Sufferers of Lupus Nephritis Lupus Nephritis (LN) develops as a complication of SLE, which is proved to be a kind of autoimmune disease. What does autoimmune disease mean? It refers to one’s immune system turns against its own body and attacks one’s organs or tissues causing the disease.

Normally, the immune system protects us from getting infection or harmful substances. But in patients with autoimmune disease, the immune system fails to tell bad from good. Healthy tissues or cells are attacked as a result. In cases of SLE, different parts of their bodies or organs would get involved. Kidney is one of them, which means Lupus Nephritis is also immune disease. That’s exactly why Immunotherapy works for the disease.

The theory of Immunotherapy for treating Lupus Nephritis is:

Immune disease, as its name denotes, is triggered by one’s abnormal immune system, meaning if we could correct abnormal immune system, there stands a chance to correct the disease. Immunotherapy exactly plays an idea on that.

Accurate as well as comprehensive lab tests should be done in the first place so as to tell whether the patients suffer from lupus and how severity the disease is. However, those lab tests are based on advanced equipments, meaning not a random hospital could do those tests.

Lab tests are analyzing by professional nephrologists which could find out what kind of blood purification technics is more suitable. Blood purification technics include hemodialysis, hemofiltration, plasma exchange and hemoperfusion etc. Plasma exchange could help get rid of circulating immune complexes, anti ds-DNA antibody, antinuclear antibody or coagulation factor etc in patients with LN.

Although harmful substances have been removed from patients’ blood, its root cause hasn’t been corrected, meaning the disease hasn’t been corrected completely. Those immune complexes that have already deposited in kidneys couldn’t be removed out at once; therefore, tolerance may be needed temporarily in order to stop the occurrence of inflammation or further damages.

Traditional Chinese medicine and some certain western medicines will be adopted and fully taken advantage to deal with not just the symptoms of Lupus Nephritis, but eliminate immune complexes and some other harmful substances from blood vessels and kidneys. Why western medicines fail to remove those immune complexes from kidneys but TCM can? TCM is good at promoting blood circulation and removing blood clot that western ones can’t. Additionally, those characteristics lead to the removal of immune complexes. After immune complexes are eliminated, further protection will be carried out in order to consolidate curative effects.

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