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The Principle Of Proteinuria and Treatment

2018-08-14 15:24

To most nephritis patients they often find the protein and blood in urine,why does this phenomenon occur to patients? That is caused by the damaged kidney cells,it can not block the protein in blood and then more and more protein leaks into the urine that will lead to the different osmotic pressure. The water and its solute in the blood filter into the renal capsule through the glomerulus to form protourine, which must pass through the endothelial cells, basement membrane and epithelial cells of the capillary wall. The three-layer structure is called glomerular filtration membrane. The three-layer filtration membrane has certain pores and can only allow substances with certain molecular weight and molecular diameter to pass through, thus forming a pore size barrier of the filtration membrane, and the surface of the three-layer structure is coated with sialoprotein. The loose layers inside and outside the glomerular basement membrane are rich in heparan sulfate. These substances are negatively charged in the human body fluid environment and repel solute with negative charge from passing through. Thereby forming a charge barrier of the filtration membrane.

In addition, the glomerular mesangium located between the glomerular capillaries can regulate the filtration barrier of glomerulus, thus also playing a certain role in the filtration of glomerulus. Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of the blood. protein cannot pass through the filtration barrier of glomeruli, especially large molecules and albumin with negative charge can hardly pass through at all. A small amount of small molecule protein passing through the filtration membrane can be reabsorbed in renal tubules.

Therefore, although about 10 to 15 kg of plasma protein flows through the renal circulation every day. less than 150 mg of protein was excreted from urine. In Nephrotic syndrome, due to various pathological factors, the barrier function of the filtration membrane is destroyed, such as a larger pore size or a reduced negative charge, resulting in a large amount of protein leakage.And far exceeds the reabsorption capacity of renal tubules, so a large amount of proteinuria appears.

From the situation above we can know the principle of proteinuria,then we can accept the natural treatment to help patients repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function,after the treatment the proteinuria will decrease and recover to the normal range step by step.If you have the similar questions or want to know more detailed information about that you can contact us through following message:

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