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Treatment And Complications of Nephritis

2012-12-14 09:08

Nephritis is the inflammation of the kidney. If the kidney is inflamed, the functions of kidney are disrupted to varying degrees depending on the type, cause and extent of inflammation. Here we will mainly talk about the treatment and complications of nephritis.

The chronic nephritis can permanently damage kidney tissue, which leads to scarring within the kidney and even results in Kidney Failure. Both acute and chronic nephritis can be life-threatening if not treated and managed appropriately.

Glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis and pyelonephritis are common types of nephritis. The common signs and symptoms of nephritis include blood in urine, edema, high blood pressure, polyuria, kidney pain, headache, nausea and so on. Nephritis may eventually lead to Kidney Failure which is life-threatening. If Kidney Failure occurs, many complications of nephritis will occur:

■ Excess fluid in the body leads to high blood pressure, swelling, congestive heart failure and fluid in the lungs .

■ Decreased excretion of acids causes it to accumulate in the blood (metabolic acidosis) which causes neurological and muscular disturbances.

■ Waste products like urea accumulate in the bloodstream (azotemia).

■ Loss of electrolytes like sodium, chloride and potassium affects nerve and muscle function, which is dangerous when the normal heart function is affected.

■ Infections may spread throughout the body (septicemia) and lead to death.

As to the treatment of nephritis, at the early stage, the condition can even be reversed through the western medicines such as steroid drugs and immunosuppressive agents. While if the nephritis causes severe kidney damage, only these western medicines is not enough, the kidney damage is also needed treating, while these western medicines can not deal with it, which is the reason why so many nephritis cases finally develop Renal Failure in the clinical. The kidney damage can be repaired by the special Chinese herbal medicines which has been using in Chinese clinical. Remember that avoiding the complications of nephritis and Kidney Failure is the most important thing, and we would like to help you know more about treatment and complications of nephritis.

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