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The Treatment Principle of TCM to Nephrotic Syndrome

2018-07-11 10:08

How does TCM treat the cause of Nephrotic syndrome disease? Chinese medicine believes: There are two causes of kidney disease: First, internal disorders, external causes of intrusion; The second reason is that the lack of daily drinking water leads to lack of water in the body. Internal disorders cause the body's own yin and yang or blood disorders or imbalances, resulting in a lack of righteousness in the body. When the healthy atmosphere of the human body is insufficient, the body's ability to resist exogenous evils will be reduced. That is to say, "The evil is blasphemy, and the anger is evil." That is to say, since the evil can invade, it must be that the righteousness in the human body is already insufficient, and the lack of righteousness is a deficiency of righteousness. For this reason, endogenous disorders must be the main cause of kidney disease. Exogenous infestations must be based on internal disorders. Then, there are several internal causes that affect the human yin and yang, which lead to yin and yang and blood disorders. According to Chinese medicine, it is love, anger, sadness, fear, worry, thinking, and panic.

Because of Chinese medicine discovery: If these seven kinds of emotional activities are too strong, it will cause organs disorder and blood disorders or yin and yang imbalances. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes: When anger is on the air, the joy is relieved, the grief is on the air, the fear is on the air, the shock is on the air, the thought is on the air, and the worry is on the air. This means that if the emotional activity is too extreme, it will lead to the imbalance of the body's internal balance, which is the internal imbalance of the body. In the case of internal imbalances, conditions will be created for invading evils. How many evils do you have? Chinese medicine believes: Exogenous generally refers to six evils: wind, wetness, heat, cold, dryness, and fire. These six evils will all pass through the already debilitating human body environment, or through the already unbalanced human body, so that the human body will become ill and cause kidney disease.

Second, after many years of observation by Chinese medicine, it has been found that kidney disease has a great relationship with water shortage. It is often related to the lack of continuous drinking water in normal life. Because of the lack of water in various systems and links in the body, it will certainly lead to a series of kidney disease. The medical community believes that the human body is actually a body of water, and that it often suffers from lack of drinking water. Therefore, Chinese medicine has the concept of “abnormally emaciated and often yang”, and often the initial symptoms of kidney disease may occur due to deficiency of water in the body. Therefore, when analyzing the causes of kidney disease, the induction of kidney disease by insufficient drinking water should not be neglected.

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