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Nephrotic Syndrome Health Knowledge Should Be Known

2019-01-24 14:06

Nephrotic Syndrome,Health KnowledgeThe incidence of Nephrotic Syndrome is often repeated, and it is difficult to eradicate completely. We should actively prevent the deterioration of nephrotic syndrome. What general knowledge of nephrotic syndrome health care should we pay attention to?

1. Nephrotic syndrome patients to pay attention to cold and warm, cold prevention. In terms of life, patients with nephrotic syndrome should always pay attention to the change of weather, warm indoor and dressing, because cold can cause spasm of renal arterioles, aggravate renal ischemia and deteriorate renal function.

In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene and keep skin clean to reduce the occurrence of pyoderma. At the same time, attention should be paid to the prevention of respiratory tract infections, including angina, tonsillitis and so on.

2. Nephrotic syndrome should rest more, not be tired, and enhance self-protection consciousness. In the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, patients should not be tired transition, pay attention to appropriate rest. Especially in patients with obvious edema or serious condition, because bed rest can not only increase diuresis, but also reduce dangerous complications such as heart failure, hypertensive encephalopathy and so on, so as not to cause further deterioration of renal function.

During recovery period, activities should be gradually increased so as to gradually restore normal muscles. Because lying down for a long time can weaken physical strength and reduce resistance. When necessary, take some measures to improve physical fitness, such as radio exercises, Taijiquan, etc. to improve the body defense function.

3. Nephrotic syndrome should be prevented and treated by various viruses. Patients with nephrotic syndrome should prevent infection in time. When they find that they are about to be infected, they should be controlled by antibiotics in time. In general, procaine penicillin can be injected intramuscularly. Or Decoction with Chinese herbal medicine to clear away heat and detoxify, in order to prevent infection.

Women with nephrotic syndrome during active period should not be pregnant. Otherwise, the enlarged uterus will press close to the renal artery, affect glomerular filtration, make metabolites difficult to discharge, and promote the deterioration of renal function.

Above is the introduction of the general knowledge of nephrotic syndrome health care by nephrotic syndrome specialists. If nephrotic syndrome recurs repeatedly, it will bring endless suffering to patients. Nephrotic syndrome is the main cause of other kidney diseases. We must strengthen our treatment. We hope that we can follow the above self-care methods to do a good job of positive protection.

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