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Some Fruits Can Help Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Get Better

2018-08-31 11:03

As a nephrotic syndrome patient the protein has been leaked everyday,and other nutritions also discharge out of body for the poor kidney function.Except the timely and reasonable treatment,they should be supplemented with some kinds of fruits to keep the normal physiological activity,and i will show you some fruits as following for the patients:

1. watermelon: Watermelons contain a lot of water, which is a good fruit to relieve summer heat in midsummer, but the fruit quality is cold. People who are old and physically weak are prone to abdominal pain or diarrhea, and those who suffer from heart failure and edema are also not suitable to eat more.

2. Persimmon: Persimmon meat contains a large amount of tannin and persimmon gum phenol, which has strong astringency, so constipation patients should not eat more. In addition, stones are easy to produce when eating persimmon on an empty stomach or after eating crab. Therefore, patients with gastritis, hyperchlorhydria, deficient cold of spleen and stomach, etc. and those who do not eat or eat less persimmon on an empty stomach or after fatigue are best.

3. bananas: Banana is cold in nature and contains a lot of sodium salt. People suffering from chronic Nephritis, hypertension and edema should especially take it less. If nephritis patients often eat bananas, it is equivalent to taking a large amount of sodium salt. As a result, the burden on the kidney will increase, and the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome such as edema and hypertension will also increase. Due to the high sugar content of bananas, diabetics should eat less.

4. Litchi: Continuous consumption of litchi in large quantities can make people pale, causing dizziness, palpitation, cold sweat, yawning, fatigue and other symptoms. It is caused by exogenous hypoglycemia caused by litchi.

5. Apples: Because apples contain many sugars and potassium salts, too much intake is not good for heart and kidney health. People with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, kidney disease and Diabetes should not eat much.

6. Citrus: Citrus is cold in nature. People with deficiency cold in stomach, intestine, kidney and lung cannot be eaten much, so as not to cause abdominal pain, soreness of waist and knees and other symptoms.

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