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How To Definite Real Hemoturia And Physiological Urine Blood

2018-07-05 15:31

Is the urine blood must be nephritis? I found urinary occult blood + + in my physical examination, but I didn't feel any discomfort. The doctor diagnosed me with acute nephritis. I took one weeks of penicillin, then to review the urine, still for the occult Blood + + (non-menstrual), the Doctor let me do kidney B-ultrasound, double renal position, such as normal, bilateral ureter also did not see expansion. May I ask the expert, I actually have nephritis? Why is uric blood always positive?

Many people have a vague understanding of the urine occult blood, often think that the urine is positive for blood is the appearance of hematuria. In fact, the urine is positive for blood test paper hemoglobin and myoglobin, rather than red blood cells.

Urine contains more red blood cells, known as hematuria. In normal urine, there is no red blood cell, or even a small amount of red blood cells (each high magnification lens 0~2). After strenuous exercise, heavy physical labor or long standing, urine can appear a trace of red blood cells, this situation is normal, no clinical significance. However, if the urine often appear more red blood cells are indicative of abnormalities, which should be closely examined. The diagnostic criteria for hematuria are:

① fresh morning urine without precipitate, direct smear examination, each 2~3 a high magnification of red blood cell 1.

② urine sediment microscopic examination, each high-power red blood cell 3; or use Niu Baohua to count the red blood cell of 8,000/ml, or urine red blood cell excretion rate 100,000/hour.

③ 12 hours urine sediment red blood cell count (Addis Count) > 500,000.

If the specific gravity of urine is too low, the urine is alkaline or urine specimen placed too long, then the urine red blood cells will be destroyed, although there is hematuria, and urine sediments can also detect red blood cells. The most common cause of hematuria is urinary system disease, which is more commonly seen in glomerular disease, calculus, infection and tumor.

Urine contains free hemoglobin, called hemoglobin urine. Normal plasma contains a small amount of free hemoglobin and binding beads protein binding, because of its large molecular weight, not from the normal glomerular filtration membrane filtration, so normal urine does not appear hemoglobin. Rapid hemolysis, a large number of red blood cells are destroyed, the destruction of red blood cells released free hemoglobin, when the free hemoglobin than the combination of beads protein binding ability, not to be combined with free hemoglobin discharged from the kidneys, and the occurrence of hemoglobin urine. There was occult blood in the urine examination, but no red blood cells were detected in the microscope. When serious, urine is caramel. causes of Hemoglobin urine includes the urinary tract of hemolysis, renal infarction and intravascularhemolysis . The first two cases are rare, mainly in the clinical hemolysis.

Urine containing a large number of myoglobin, called myoglobin urine. Myoglobin is caused by a variety of causes of muscle tissue destruction (degeneration, inflammation, extensive trauma and metabolic disorders), resulting in a large amount of myoglobin, which is excreted from the urine. The molecular weight of myoglobin is small and can be filtered by glomerular filtration membrane. So, the method of detecting hematuria is microscopic examination. Urine dry chemical method is to test the occult blood of the test strip positive reflects hemoglobin urine and myoglobin urine, not hematuria. Because the occult blood test note is also sensitive to ascorbic acid, so there is a small amount of occult blood in the urine should not be worried.

Therefore, clinical significance of urine occult blood test (OCCULTBLOODINURINE;OB) is mainly to identify hemoglobin urine, and its positive does not mean that nephritis. Generally, blood transfusion reaction, broad bean disease, paroxysmal hemoglobin urine, malaria, extensive burns, as well as some drugs or toxins caused by inflammation and other urine occult bleeding can be positive. A variety of hemolytic anemia episodes may appear hemoglobin urine. In addition, patients with paroxysmal sleep hemoglobin urine and allergic hemoglobin urine patients have a positive onset period.

According to the comment above the patients should take the reasonable treatment if they have hemoturia ,for the delaying treatment will deteriorate their conditions. If you want to know more detailed information or have any questions please consult us as following:

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