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How To Determin The Severity Of Blood Occult And Proteinuria

2018-07-23 14:17

Patient with urinary protein 2 +, occult blood 3 +, then he want to know if his kidney condition is this very serious? Will it become Uremia? ..

Whether the kidney disease is serious, how should we identify it? How much is the plus sign of albuminuria, or the plus sign of occult blood, or the degree of edema?

In fact, it is one-sided to judge the severity of renal disease with these indicators. In clinical practice, nephrologists mainly judge the degree of progress of the patient’s condition through the following three aspects:

1, the amount of urine protein

When it comes to urinary protein, many people think of urinary protein + first, but in order to accurately identify the disease, we refer more to the amount of 24 – hour urinary protein.

Once the patient’s 24 – hour urinary protein quantity exceeds 1g ( less than 3.5g ), the problem is more serious. And more than 3.5g means that the patient has large amount proteinuria+ and renal function is obviously damaged, which is easy to cause Renal failure and uremia.

2, glomerular filtration function

Focus on glomerular filtration function, mainly depends on glomerular filtration rate and endogenous creatinine clearance rate.

Renal function often mentioned in nephrology mainly refers to renal tubular function and glomerular filtration function. The function of renal tubules mainly depends on the composition of urine, specific gravity of urine, osmotic pressure and other conditions to analyze the reabsorption function and concentration and dilution function of renal tubules.

Today, I will focus on the glomerular filtration function. The lower the glomerular filtration rate, the worse the renal function. Chronic renal disease can be divided into five phases according to the glomerular filtration rate.

Before the third stage of glomerular filtration rate, there are hope. However, once the glomerular filtration rate of the patient is 15, the renal function of the patient is already in the stage of failure, and basically onlydialysis or transplantation can be carried out at this time.

The decrease in endogenous creatinine clearance indicates that the kidney’s creatinine clearance is decreasing. If there is too much creatinine accumulated in the blood, kidney damage will worsen.

3. complications

Once there are many complications, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, anemia, etc., the control of kidney disease will be more difficult, and the existence of complications will further deepen kidney damage. Therefore, we should pay close attention to the occurrence of complications.

The severity of the kidney disease is not simply determined by symptoms. Judging the severity of the disease by symptoms and indicators alone is easy to miss the treatment opportunity.

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