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One Of The Most Important Indicators Is Urine Protein To Kidney Patient

2018-08-10 14:59

With the development of society more and more people get the kidney problem,how do they find their kidney problem? In some routine examinations some indicators will show the appearance of kidney problem,such as protein in urine,creatinine level,uric acid etc.Many people will inadvertently find that urine protein has a plus sign during hospital examination. This sudden change makes people do not know what is going on. Protein leakage and kidney damage can lead to a plus sign of urinary protein. Multiple plus signs of albuminuria indicate that protein exposure is relatively serious. Patients should be vigilant, pay timely attention, find out as early as possible, and treat in time.

What is the plus sign for urinary protein?

The indicators of urinary protein in routine urine tests show that multiple plus signs indicate moderate proteinuria+ in nephrotic patients, which can also be called massive proteinuria. When a large amount of proteinuria occurs in nephrotic patients, it indicates that the kidney of the patients is seriously damaged:

1. the glomerular filtration capacity of protein is reduced, and a large amount of protein is filtered out from the glomerular filtration membrane, exceeding the renal tubular reabsorption capacity of protein

2. The ability of glomerular filtration protein is normal, but the reabsorption of protein by renal tubules has been hindered and the protein passing through it cannot be reabsorbed normally

3. The ability of glomerular filtration protein decreased, while the ability of renal tubules to reabsorb protein also decreased.

The three the above three cases is relatively serious. Both glomerulus and renal tubules have been damaged and renal function has decreased. .. If urinary protein shows plus sign, patients should be treated in time to avoid serious kidney damage.

The essence of protein indicates kidney damage. Because of kidney damage, kidney filtration function is damaged, resulting in a large amount of protein leakage. Therefore, if you want to reduce protein, you must repair damaged cells in the kidney and rebuild the proper function of the kidney.At present the western medicine can not help you achieve the effect,only the natural treatment with Traditional Chinese medicine can help you repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function.if you want to know more information please contact us through the following :

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