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Some Symptoms Can Indicate You Have Hematuria

2018-12-19 10:21

What symptom does patient appear hematuria have?Hematuria is common urological system symptom, the reason that causes hematuria has a lot of, include urinary tract inflammation commonly, tuberculosis, stone or tumour, traumatic, medicaments to wait.Generally, hematuria can be divided into gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Patients with microscopic hematuria are found to have increased erythrocytes under the microscope, and there is no abnormality in urine under the naked eye.Gross hematuria patient observes urine to be able to discover urine appears wash flesh water appearance, perhaps contain blood clot.This year, investigation and research have found that some patients have hematuria but no other abnormal symptoms, most of which are caused by glomerular disease hematuria.

So what symptom can the patient appear hematuria to be able to have commonly?

Urine color changes

The main manifestation of hematuria is the abnormal color of urine. Except that there is no difference between the color of hematuria under the microscope and that of normal urine, hematuria with the naked eye will find that the color of urine has obvious changes, and with the increase of blood cell content, the color depth of urine will gradually deepen.When the disease is serious, urine can appear in the color of blood.When the kidney bleeds, the urine is a dark red color mixed with blood. When the bladder or prostate bleeds, the urine is a bright red color. Sometimes blood clots may appear.

2. Abnormal segmented urine

The color of hematuria caused by the abnormality of different parts of the urinary system will be different. The abnormality of urine caused by different parts can be found by observing the urine of three different stages.Three clean cups were used to observe the urine at the beginning, middle and end, respectively. Hematuria at the beginning showed lesions in the urethra.Middle and distal hematuria shows lesions in the bladder neck, trigone, or posterior urethra of the prostate and seminal vesicle glands;If all three sections of urine are red, hematuria comes from the kidney or ureter.

3. Renal or retrorenal hematuria

The color of hematuria is normal under the microscope, but the presence of red blood cells can be confirmed under the microscope, and it can be determined as hematuria, and it can be determined as renal or retrorenal hematuria.Microscopically, abnormal erythrocyte morphology indicates that hematuria lesions occur in renal tubules, often with glomerulonephritis.

Symptomatic hematuria

Hematuria appears when the patient still can appear systemic or local unwell, basically give priority to with urological system symptom.If there is blunt pain and colic in the kidney area, the lesion occurs in the kidney; if there is frequent urination, urgency and difficulty in urination, the lesion occurs in the bladder and urethra.

5. Asymptomatic hematuria

Some patients have symptoms of hematuria, but there is no other abnormality in the body, which is more common in the early stage of some diseases, such as renal tuberculosis, kidney cancer or bladder cancer.

Because cause hematuria reason is different, because appear hematuria, still can accompany a few other symptom.If patients find that they have hematuria symptoms, to the hospital in time for a urine test, to find out the true cause of hematuria, such as the condition is determined after timely and effective treatment.If left unchecked, hematuria can lead to more severe lesions.

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