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What is the Life Expectancy for Polycystic Kidney Disease

2013-01-27 17:14

What is the life expectancy for Polycystic Kidney Disease? Maybe Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) patients care about this question. Here we will help people know more about PKD.

PKD is a kind of genetic disease, and this heredity has nothing to do with the gender. That is to say man and woman have the same possibility to have PKD if there has the family history of PKD. Polycystic Kidney Disease is characterized by the cysts growing on kidneys. The symptoms of PKD, kidney damage and poor kidney function can be all caused by the enlargement of these cysts. It shows that about a half of PKD patients develop End Stage Renal Disease when they are 65 years of age, in that case, they have to choose dialysis or a kidney transplant to maintain their lives. As to the life expectancy for Polycystic Kidney Disease, we have to say there has no exact answer.

Generally speaking, the obvious symptoms of PKD appear when patients are 30 years of age. We have to admit that different people have different growth speed of cysts, some PKD patients, if their living habit and eating habit are healthy enough, can even have no idea that they have PKD till the end of life. So PKD patients should pay more attention to their living habit and eating habit to slow the growth speed of cysts.

If PKD develops Kidney Failure, patients will choose dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future. Also the life expectancy for Polycystic Kidney Disease varies from cases to cases. Then what is The Life Expectancy for Dialysis Patients? PKD cases have a certain relapse rate after kidney transplant, if PKD patients receive a kidney transplant, what Life Expectancy for Patients with PKD after Kidney Transplant will be?

For PKD patients, the most important thing is to find a safe and efficient treatment to shrink the cysts and enhance kidney function, in that case, it is likely to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. PKD patients should ignore these data about the life expectancy for Polycystic Kidney Disease, believe that yourself is a miracle. Have you been on dialysis? Tell us your specific condition. If you have any questions about PKD, we will try our best to help you.

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