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The Pathogenisis Of Polycystic Kidney Should Be Known

2018-12-08 10:00

Renal cysts are derived from the epithelial structure of the kidney, originating in the renal tubules and bursa, all renal cysts: Is a benign disease, it can grow on the surface of the human body, can also grow in the internal organs; A cyst is a benign mass that grows in a certain organ and shape in the body. Its contents are liquid in nature. ) All have some common structural components, including the upper cortex, and the swollen cyst contains glomerular filtrate.

( 1 ) Autosomal dominant PK: More than 95 % of the typical patients are caused by abnormal genes on the short arm of chromosome 16. In addition, infection and poisoning act on tubules, triggering cyst genes changes the metabolism of tubules, directly causing epithelial cell necrosis, causing obstruction and promoting cell proliferation to cause cyst formation.

( 2 ) Autosomal recessive PK: It is caused by DNA mutation, but the chromosomal locus of the defective allele is not clear. The parents of the child do not suffer from the disease, but they all carry the gene of the disease to make their children suffer from the disease, which is rare.

( 3 ) Polycystic kidney is the result of interaction between internal and external causes. For adult polycystic kidney disease: The internal cause is congenital genetic information, i.e. cyst gene on chromosome 16. The external causes include various factors that can lead to abnormal fluctuations in the body’s internal environment, such as infection, nephrotoxic substances ( including drugs ), emotion, fatigue, diet, etc.

( 4 ) Under the repeated action of external factors, the cyst gene first alters the metabolism of small tubular epithelial cells to produce growth factors and promote cell proliferation to form small tubular obstruction, fluid retention and contraction to form cysts; Changing the state of basement membrane and tube wall, affecting Na – K – ATP enzyme and ion exchange, increasing the amount of fluid in the cyst, the semi-obstructive state formed at the entrance and exit of the cyst makes the fluid easy to enter and not easy to exit, and the proliferation of cyst wall cells secreting fluid can promote the cyst to enlarge. In addition, the external factors themselves directly constitute epithelial cell necrosis, obstruction or promotion of cell proliferation.

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