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Proteinuria Produced By Chronic Nephritis May Do Severe Damage To Kidney

2018-12-21 11:06

The majority of chronic nephritis is accompanied by proteinuria of varying degrees, control or reduce proteinuria to chronic inflammation is beneficial.Chronic nephritis itself is easy to repeatedly attack the disease, usually in addition to effective drug treatment, habits and consciousness should pay more attention to.

Nephropathy patients are very familiar with urinary protein, basically all patients have proteinuria, but most people are not very clear about the specific harm of proteinuria and kidney.Proteinuria is the loss of proteins in the body through urine, which can cause nutrient loss and damage to the tissue structure of the kidney. In severe cases, it will eventually cause renal fibrosis and cause nephropathy to develop into uremia.

Since hit nephropathy, everybody basically can be mixed urinate albumen, latent blood, oedema waits for a noun to form an indissoluble bond, all day the thing trouble for these index.

Everyone in life knows the low-salt diet, but "low-salt" does not mean less than your current salt drop, but may be much lower!There's a lot of information out there about how a low-salt diet can help keep protein levels down, so stick to one beer cap per day!

Cold, this is quite common!For many people, it seems that the cold is not a big deal, a resistance, take some medicine on the past.However, people with kidney disease are very sensitive to the word cold, because once a cold, urine protein will also aggravate.

Therefore, usually prevents the cold is in the disguise reduces produces the urine protein the probability.You know how to prevent colds.Regulate work and rest do not stay up late, eat well and exercise more, clean and tidy living environment.

Nephrology is opposite hypertension and nephropathy concern is such viewpoint: hypertension can bring about nephropathy, nephropathy also can bring about hypertension!From this point of view, we can see the importance of hypertension.

Can some from think "long illness becomes a doctor" the person is in "feel" blood pressure is tall, after for instance giddy, bosom is frowsty, just can go looking at blood pressure, think of this circumstance I feel hind afraid, if press this habit to want to come down urine albumen just is strange!

Let's put it this way, hypertension can't be monitored by feeling!Nephropathy patients can prepare a blood pressure measurement device to monitor their blood pressure status in real time, so that when introducing the latest blood pressure status to the doctor, it will be very clear and conducive to the control of urine protein.

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