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How To Treat Proteinuria To Save Renal Functions With No Relapse

2019-05-07 09:55

Save Renal Functions,Treat ProteinuriaProteinuria has been regarded as the first independent factor leading to uremia in clinical Kidney Disease. Appearance of urinary protein, on the one hand, causes a large loss of body nutrition, on the other hand, urinary protein will also cause damage to kidney tissues such as glomeruli, renal tubules, and gradually cause renal fibrosis, aggravate the deterioration of renal function, and eventually lead to uremia.

1. How does proteinuria come into being?

Proteinuria is one of the main manifestations of chronic refractory nephropathy, which has a strong intractability. When the patient suffers from the disease, a large number of toxins in the body remain in the renal blood vessels, leading to the accumulation of inflammatory factors. Because of the large amount of toxin, it can cause excessive or excessive inflammation. As a result, not only the toxin has not been cleared, but also the necrosis of the innate cells of the kidney and the collapsing of the capillary wall. A large number of proteins leak out of the collapsing vessels and produce proteinuria.

Everyone's kidney disease damage is different, but the damage of kidney disease can be divided into two situations: the function of renal filtration is not harmful or the degree of damage is less than 50%. This kind of kidney disease can be cured. In the period of renal failure, the impairment of renal filtration function is more than 50%, even more than 75%. There is no possibility of reversing the disease, but it can be alleviated.

It is worth noting that the severity of renal function damage can not be measured only by proteinuria, but also by comprehensive consideration of the amount and duration of proteinuria, combined with general conditions and renal function tests.

2. How should we treat it?

At present, hormone drugs are widely used in clinical treatment of urinary protein.

Hormones work by reducing the permeability of kidney cells to prevent protein leakage. Although proteins are temporarily blocked, sudden withdrawal of drugs can easily cause a rebound and increase the permeability of kidney cells again. And when taking hormones, sudden withdrawal of drugs will also cause immune dysfunction, inflammation, deterioration of the disease and other consequences, so urinary protein should also take hormones after negative, and then slowly reduce the volume.

Different doctors have different methods of reducing the amount, but the general principle is: every time one tenth of the total amount is reduced, each reduction should be maintained for 2-3 weeks; when the amount is below 3 tablets, it should be maintained for at least one month, so as to avoid the recurrence of urinary protein.

Western medicine treatment of proteinuria, although effective, can quickly play the drug effect, but easy to relapse. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of proteinuria can eradicate the root cause, but it takes time to reflect its own efficacy and characteristics. Therefore, the treatment of proteinuria can be combined with traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

The specific principle is to use hormones to prevent protein leakage by reducing the permeability of kidney cells, first to control the progress of the disease, so that the disease does not deteriorate. Then we use the superior conditions created by western medicine to clean up the immune complex, block the excessive immune inflammation reaction, and fundamentally protect the kidney function, so as to repair the damaged kidney tissue and restore the kidney function, so as to achieve the goal of gradually disappearing proteinuria and no recurrence.

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