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Dialysis Help Purpura Nephritis Patient Lower High Creatinine

2013-01-26 17:00

High creationine level is a headache for many patients with kidney disease especially advanced kidney disease. Characterized with skin rash, bleeding and urination changes, Purpura Nephritis also easily cause high creatinine level. In view of this, many patients are eager to know whether dialysis help Purpura Nephritis patient lower high creatinine.

What causes high creatinine level in Purpura Nephritis?

Purpura Nephritis occurs when immune complexes deposits in the small vessels and cause vasculitic disease, so it is a systemic immune-complex mediated disease. With too much immune complexes depositing in the kidney, kidney will be damaged. As a result, many wastes including creatinine will build up in the body and then creainine level rises.

How does dialysis help Purpura Nephritis lower high creatinine level?

Dialysis, an artificial kidney, is able to replace part of kidney filtration function. The common dialysis is mainly used to remove small molecule substances such as creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, urea acid, water, etc. Therefore, dialysis is able to lower high creatinine level in a short time. In this point, we must affirm the effect of dialysis. However, long term of dialysis will cause some severe complications. If patients attempt to stop or reduce the times of dialysis, their creatinine level will rise again.

Is there another treatment to make creatinine level stable in a longer time?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Since Purpura Nephritis is an immune-complex disease, immunotherapy is able to help lower high creatinine level. With the combination of western advanced medicines and Chinese traditional herbal medicines, Immunotherapy can not only help remove the immune complexes but only protect the remaining functioning units and repairing a part of kidney tissues, which aren’t damaged completely.

In the above, we can know it is true that dialysis help Purpura Nephritis patient lower high creatinine, but maybe the creatinine level can’t maintain in a long time. If you are suffering from high creatinine level, you can learn more information about the later treatment.

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