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Life Span for Renal Failure Patients Who Get Kidney Transplant

2012-10-19 17:03

Life Span for Renal Failure Patients Who Get Kidney Transplant How long can one live after receiving kidney transplantation? Be more exact, how about the life span after Renal Failure patients get kidney transplant. Some kidney recipients may have already known that their new kidney gets their own life span, but many who just get Renal Failure and plan to receive the surgery still have no idea about that.

Renal Failure is the end stage of chronic kidney disease. Dialysis and kidney transplant will be the last resort. Due to the limitation of dialysis, kidney transplantation becomes a much better choice accepted by most of the patients. In China, lots of patients have no idea of the transplantation and regard it as one-for-all thing. As a matter of fact, the surgery isn’t almighty and is accompanied with many other problems. The major issues that threaten the life span of Renal Failure patients can be: drug toxicity, cardiovascular disease, virus infection, rejection and things of that sort.

Among all those problems, rejection matters a lot. Patients who receive kidney transplant will be asked to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. As long as the rejection doesn’t attack, the patients could live a long life. One thing some patients may still not know is that the new kidney may fail again because they have their own life expectancy. Most of the kidneys would fail around five years, and then those people have to be hooked up on dialysis machine once again at that time.

Another great factor affecting the life span among patients after getting kidney transplantation is infection. According to the study around the globe, about 50% of those patients would suffer from cytomegalovirus infection after the surgery. The higher the incidence rate is, the possible the cytomegalovirus infection will be. Usually, survival rate of Renal Failure patients after the surgery is 85% within one year, the livability drops to 60% in five years, and only 1% of them are still alive ten years later after the surgery.

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