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Life Expectancy for Patients with Stage 5 Kidney Failure without Dialysis

2013-06-13 21:06

Generally speaking, patients with stage 5 Kidney Failure have already undergone dialysis. Well, there may come a time when patients want to stop the dialysis treatment, it seems that dialysis treatment is no longer maintaining or improving the quality of life. And patients have the right to make a decision to discontinue the dialysis. However, what is the life expectancy for patients with stage 5 Kidney Failure after they stop dialysis?

Of course there are some stage 5 Kidney Failure patients may have not begun dialysis treatment. If you have not found what you want here, you can direct begin the conversation between online expert on the service box. It is not a robot and the service is free. As to the life expectancy for patients with stage 5 Kidney Failure without dialysis, well, it varies from person to person. Patients who stop dialysis may live anywhere from one week to several weeks, depending on the amount of kidney function they have left and their overall medical condition. You can send us more about your condition to kidney-support@hotmail.com, in that case, our expert can give you a rough answer and some other medical advises. As to dialysis treatment, there is something patients should know:

Dialysis treatment can help Renal Failure patients eliminate the wastes and excessive fluids and maintain their lives to some extent. What should patients expect after stopping dialysis? Death from Kidney Failure is usually painless. Without the dialysis treatment, toxic substances and fluid will accumulate in the body, which can make patients feel more tired. The fluid build-up can make it more difficult for patients to breathe. In that case, the doctor will prescribe diuretics or ultrafiltration to remove fluid. If patients feel any discomfort, pain medicines may be prescribed for patients.

As a matter of fact, dialysis can not treat stage 5 Kidney Failure, that is because dialysis is unable to repair the kidney damage and enhance kidney function. After a long term of dialysis, the kidney damage will become more and more severe and less and less kidney function will be left. Some patients with stage 5 Kidney Failure are waiting for the kidney donor while they are undergoing dialysis treatment. Renal Failure patients can not depend on dialysis for a long time, but the important thing is that they can be treated by a treatment which can help them enhance kidney function after they stop the dialysis treatment, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

If you decide to stop dialysis, then make sure you can be treated by such a treatment which can help you enhance the kidney function. If you are interested in Chinese herbals and you have not tried them, you can contact us by leaving us a message.

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