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Good Life Styles Can Help You Prevent Renal Failure

2018-09-14 15:17

To most kidney patients the uremia means their condition has been the end stage of kidney disease,but uremia is not a hereditary disease, so basically it will not be passed on to the next generation.

The question of whether uremia will be inherited or not needs to be judged according to the primary pathogenesis of uremia. Generally speaking, most uremia in clinic will not be inherited.However, there are also a few uremia caused by kidney diseases that will be inherited. However, regardless of whether the primary disease to which the patient belongs is caused by genetic or non-genetic factors, uremic patients should be actively prevented and treated, so as to better ensure the health and quality of life of the next generation.

Uremia is the final result of kidney damage caused by many diseases, so uremia cannot be inherited. However, some of the primary causes of uremia are inherited, such as: hereditary nephritis, Polycystic kidney, etc. All patients with hereditary kidney disease must urge their children to go to the hospital regularly after diagnosis.

The most important thing is to how to prevent uremia as following:

1. regular life

Regular life is what many young people now desire. Because of the rich content of life and the pressure of work, many people stay up late and can’t get enough rest and relaxation for a long time. This can cause the immunity deterioration. If it is stimulated by external antigens, it is easy to have renal functionproblems.

2. Avoid contact with substances that damage the kidneys

Avoid contact with kidney-damaging chemicals. Avoid cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and other products and the environment.

3, often supplement water

In the daily diet, attention should be paid to water intake. Water intake can take away toxins from the body and the kidney.

4. Use nephrotoxic drugs with caution

Aminoglycoside antibiotics such as gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, amikacin, polymyxin, tetracycline, vancomycin, amphotericin b, xiansu 2, etc. They all have certain renal toxicity or are liable to cause renal damage, so they should not be used as long as there is no necessary.

5, regular inspection

Check the kidney function regularly so that you can know your kidney function in time or discover your kidney disease.

After the comments about the correct life style to prevent the uremia you can get more benefit from it ,but if you have any questions about that please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: kidney-support@hotmail.com

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