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What CAn Cause The Acute Renal Failure

2018-09-25 14:27

To kidney disease patients they often are the chronic nephropathy,and it develops into the stage of kidney failure step by step .But in some certain conditions some infections may cause to the acute kidney failure and influence their health seriously and even threaten their lives .The symptoms patients appear are the no urine,heart failure,breathlessness etc.

The dysfunction caused by this disease will prevent your kidneys from producing urine, thus causing waste products to accumulate in the blood. The water in your body can no longer be effectively drained, resulting in water accumulation. Finally, in normal conditions, the concentration of chemicals in the body that is adjusted at any time by the kidneys also has a dangerous imbalance.

Mild episodes of acute renal failure are common, but severe acute renal failure ( such as acute renal failure caused by glomeruloNephritis ) is rare and dangerous.You must take good care of it as soon as possible.Once you have the following symptoms you must go to see a doctor in time.

What are the symptoms? The most obvious symptom is that you urinate less than usual, perhaps less than half a liter a day. In a very short period of time, you will lose your appetite, your nausea will become more and more serious, and you will start vomiting. If not treated in time, drowsiness, insanity, convulsions and coma will occur. In most cases, the symptoms of acute renal failure are more obvious at first than the symptoms of chronic renal failure.

What are the dangers? Acute renal failure is a potentially dangerous disease, and its harm depends on the severity of the underlying cause of renal failure. Even with the use of artificial kidney machines for treatment, nephrotic patients do not necessarily recover.

What should do for it? If you have acute renal failure, you are in urgent need of hospitalization, preferably in a hospital with a special treatment unit for kidney disease. If the cause of acute renal failure is unknown, you may have to undergo a series of diagnostic tests, including blood and urine sampling tests, and renal biopsy.

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