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What Can ESRD Patients Still Expect

2012-12-13 16:54

ESRD is short for End Stage Renal Disease, we can know its meaning literally that it is the last and most severe stage of kidney disease. When the condition develops ESRD, what can patients still expect?

Generally speaking, either dialysis or kidney transplant will be patients’ choice when ESRD comes, and the GFR is usually less than 15. Dialysis helps ESRD patients eliminate the toxins in the body and the excessive fluid to maintain their lives. However, some dialysis patients have to bear some complications like headache, low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps. When patients find that dialysis can no longer maintain their lives, they have the right to decide to stop dialysis. In our opinion, dialysis really is an efficient treatment, it can help ESRD patients create a clean inner environment and maintain their lives to some extent, but after all, it can not replace other kinds of functions of kidneys and repair the kidney damage and enhance kidney function, so ESRD patients should not have dependence on dialysis. As to kidney transplant, compared with dialysis, it is more efficient and makes ESRD patients live longer, even though patients have to take the anti-rejection medicines for the rest of their life and some cases have high reoccurrence rate after receiving kidney transplant.

In addition to dialysis and kidney transplant, what can ESRD patients still expect? Well, they can still expect to enhance kidney function to avoid kidney transplant. We do believe that kidney transplant is not a must as long as ESRD patients still can produce some urine. Immunotherapy which combines western medicines, Chinese herbal medicines and blood purification techniques can help ESRD patients realize it. There are thousands of kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in China, and different kinds have different functions. During Immunotherapy, western medicines are also needed, as well as some advanced blood purification techniques. According to the specific conditions, the proper kinds of Chinese herbal medicines will be chosen to play the corresponding functions, as long as the damaged kidneys can be nourished, the kidney function will be enhanced, which is something western medicines can not do. ESRD patients can still expect to avoid kidney transplant and live a high quality of life, and we would like to help you deal with your confusions.

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