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Several Complications Caused By The Acute Nephritis

2018-07-26 10:24

When you get the acute nephritis it is very dangerous to your health for the several complications caused by the acute nephritis.Then you must know clearly about these complications and accept the reasonable treatment in time to avoid the risk of health.

1. Acute congestive heart failure: Acute left heart failure can be the first symptom of acute nephritis in children. If not diagnosed and identified and rescued in time, it can lead to rapid death. Why is acute nephritis in children accompanied by acute congestive heart failure?

In acute nephritis, due to water and sodium retention, systemic edema and increased blood volume, pulmonary circulation congestion is very common, and acute congestive heart failure is prone to occur. In the absence of acute heart failure, patients often have symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing, and wet voices at the lungs. When a patient has a respiratory infection at the same time, pulmonary circulation congestion is easily overlooked. Conversely, there is also a misunderstanding of pulmonary circulatory congestion that acute heart failure has occurred. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand the pulmonary congestion or acute nephritis caused by sodium and water retention and acute heart failure.

2. Hypertensive encephalopathy: Common symptoms are severe headache and jet vomiting, followed by visual impairment, confusion, lethargy, and paroxysmal convulsions or epileptic seizures such as convulsions and confusion. After the blood pressure control, the above symptoms quickly turn around or disappear, and generally there is no sequelae.

3. Acute renal failure: In the acute phase of acute nephritis, mesangial cells and endothelial cells proliferate in a large amount, capillary stenosis and intravascular coagulation, patients with oliguria or anuria, and nephrotoxic substances such as proteindecomposition products such as urea nitrogen are retained in the blood.Acute renal failure or even uremia can occur. In this period, if dialysis and drug treatment are carried out in time, it is possible to reverse the occurrence of uremia.

4. Secondary bacterial infection: As the systemic resistance is reduced, acute nephritis is susceptible to secondary infections. The most common infections are lung and urinary tract infections. Once infection occurs, it should be actively treated, otherwise it may cause the original disease to worsen. But at the same time, pay attention to the nephrotoxicity of the antibiotics used should be as small as possible to avoid burdening the kidneys.

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