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How Serious Kidney Disease Is, Will It Develop Into Uremia

2019-03-22 13:28

Kidney Disease,UremiaWhat aspects should we determine the severity of Kidney Disease and whether it develops into uremia? Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

1. Age of onset

Usually, the etiology of nephropathy in middle-aged and elderly patients is more complex and the pathological type is more serious than that in adolescents. For example, membranous nephropathy, membranous proliferative nephritis and focal sclerosing nephritis often occur in the middle-aged and elderly groups, while relatively minor lesions such as nephropathy or mild glomerular lesions occur mostly in adolescents and children groups.

2. Urinary protein and creatinine levels in the early stage of onset

The 24-hour urinary protein is more than 1 g, or even more than 3.5 g in the early stage of the disease, and the condition is very serious. But the therapeutic effect of urinary protein is remarkable. In clinic, hormones or immunosuppressants are often used to reduce urinary protein to less than 1 g or even less than 0.3 g. If this level can be maintained for a long time, the risk of renal failure will be significantly reduced.

Once the creatinine is high in the early stage of the disease, especially more than 265 umol/L, renal insufficiency has already occurred, which is likely to lead to renal failure.

3. Kidney pathological changes

Usually, doctors use renal puncture to determine whether the kidney has pathological changes, so as to determine the severity of the disease. For example, grade 4-5 IgA nephropathy is more serious than grade 1-2; the higher the proportion of glomerulosclerosis is, the more serious the condition is; severe tubulointerstitial fibrosis also indicates the severity of the disease.

4. High levels of IgG and gamma globulin

Immunoglobulin IgG and gamma globulin in blood are abnormal, which are usually caused by secondary nephropathy and secondary to connective tissue, such as lupus social disease syndrome, and the treatment of the disease will be more difficult.

5. High levels of alpha, beta-microglobulin and NAG enzymes in urine

It was found that the severity of tubulointerstitial lesions predicted the occurrence of uremia, and urinary alpha, beta-microglobulin and NAG enzyme indicators were used to judge the severity of tubulointerstitial lesions. The treatment difficulty caused by the increase of indicators would increase sharply.

6. Hypertension

Hypertension is the main factor that causes progressive progress of renal function, leading to the early arrival of renal failure. Therefore, in the nephrology department, even if some patients do not have hypertension, doctors will prescribe appropriate antihypertensive drugs, which is also the need to measure the disease comprehensively.

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