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How Much Water Should Patients with Renal Failure Drink

2013-01-14 08:56

How Much Water Should Patients with Renal Failure DrinkOur kidneys are responsible to maintain the fluid balance in the body. To healthy people, they are recommended to drink 8 glasses of water, but to patients with renal failure, they should reduce the amount because their impaired kidney can’t remove the extra fluid. How much water should patients with Renal Failure drink per day? What amount of water intake won’t increase the workload on the kidney?

Normally, kidneys can produce enough urine to excrete the extra water, while the patients with Renal Failure usually have a little urine or even don’t have urine. This requires these patients can’t drink water as much as others, but too little too little water will cause dehydration for them. Therefore, correct amount of water is commonly recommended for them.

How much water should patients with Renal Failure drink everyday? Recent researches point that the water intake for patients with Renal Failure is the amount that their urine output in the previous day adds 500~700 ml of water. This amount can on the one hand help patients prevent dehydration and on the other hand reduce the workload on their kidney. Therefore, this requires patients measure their urine output everyday.

Patients with kidney disease usually die of many severe complications instead of the kidney disease. Correct amount of water is able to guarantee patients stay in a relatively stable condition. In their daily life, patients with Renal Failure had better eat more food or fruits which are able to help produce more urine. This can assist their whole treatment. Once their urine is increased, they can increase their water intake appropriately. “How to Keep Fluid Balance in Renal Failure” tell you more information about it.

How much water should patients with Renal Failure drink? Measuring your urine output and controlling the water intake are the key to the answer.

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