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Long-term Dialysis Patients Should Raise Good Diet Habits

2018-12-07 10:46

To most long – term dialysis patients they should raise the correct eating habits.

Because of the chronic inflammation of hemodialysis patients and the loss of some albumin during each dialysis, mostkidney patients know that they must take enough protein to cope with the loss of dialysis three times a week, but does the high protein intake conflict with a balanced diet?

Eat a balanced diet every day, and be healthy with five fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables and a large amount of antioxidants will greatly help prevent aging and immunity.

Correct supplement of nutritious food is the key to vitality and physical strength.

Dialysis consumes a lot of physical strength and energy, especially cardiovascular energy. Therefore, the correct supplement of nutritious food can quickly restore physical strength, especially reduce the probability of heart failure.

①L-carnitine:This is a very important role in the production of energy by oxidation of long-chain fatty acids in myocardium and skeletal muscles. However, due to its water solubility, it is easy to cause deficiency in the long-term hemodialysis process, which can lead to muscle weakness, heart weakness, fatigue, tiredness and anemia. Hemodialysis patients may consider supplementing 2 – 6 grams per day or 10 – 30 mg / kg body weight after kidney washing. ..

( 2 ) Appropriate supplement of water-soluble vitamins: Such as vitamin B and C, antioxidants, etc. are very helpful to the vitality and quality of life.

From the comments above you can know some good diet habits and if you have any questions about that please contact us through the following :

E-mail: kidney-support@hotmail.com

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