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Can Renal Failure Patients Suffer From Anemia

2012-10-07 08:52

For Renal Failure patients, anemia is a very common symptom. If anemia occurs, patients will feel fatigue and weak, they don’t feel like eating anything, which is not good for the recovery of the disease. However, do you know why anemia can appear at Renal Failure stage?

The reasons why Renal Failure cause anemia easily

(1) At Renal Failure stage, patients should control the intake of protein for a long time and the amount of protein expelled from urine increases, which causes the density of plasma protein declines. The decrease in the protein which is a kind of hematopoiesis material causes anemia.

(2) At the late-stage of Renal Failure, lots of harmful substances accumulate in human body, which can quicken damage of erythrocyte and influence the erythrocyte's lifetime

(3) At Renal Failure stage, the kidneys are failed to remove the toxic substances out of body, so the concentration of toxins in the blood will increase, which strains marrows hematopoiesis function.

(4) Kidney shrinks and secretion of erythrogenin decreases,which leads to that marrows hematopoiesis function is bad.

(5) Renal Failure may lead to cruor barrier, and cause subcutaneous, nose, and digestive tract haemorrhage, adding to hemodialysis and frequent haemospasia tests, which makes anemia more severe.

(6) Renal Failure patients often have haemorrhage tendency, such as epistaxis, bleeding gums. Gastrointestinal tract's malabsorption to iron causes that organism is lack of irons.

If Renal Failure patients have the standard treatments of supplement iron for about one month, the symptom has not improved obviously yet, they should think that whether it is renal anemia. And if it is, then patients should find a real treatment which can enhance kidney function. So what is your condition?

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