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The Different Symptoms Of Young or Old Kidney Insufficiency Patients

2018-08-11 14:25

Nowadays more and more people get the kidney problems,even the young person also have got the kidney disease for their unregular life style and bad life habits ,and we must know the symptoms of kidney insufficiency and then we can know the kidney condition and go to see a professional doctor to treat it.The kidney deficiency of young people is manifested as fatigue. Attention should be paid to edema in the morning.

Whether old or young, as long as there is kidney disease, there will be abnormal urination, edema and fatigue. However, due to different age characteristics and physical qualities, the kidney deficiency of the elderly and the kidney deficiency of the young also have different symptoms.

Kidney deficiency of the elderly was obviously manifested by an increase in nocturia. While fatigue is more obvious in young people with kidney deficiency. In addition, if young people often have puffy eyes in the morning, they should pay attention to kidney problems and don’t treat them lightly, thinking that they just didn’t sleep enough. If the eye swelling does not disappear within 3 to 5 days, go to a nephrology specialist for examination. Many nephrotic patients do not have swollen feet as their first symptom. At first, they only have swollen eyes.

Only when kidney is nourished according to seasonal changes can long life be realized by protecting the kidney well.

There is a famous saying of keeping in good health called ” to live long and protect the kidney”. Kidney diseases will cause slow and continuous damage to kidney function. With the extension of time, the quality of life will decline, which will seriously affect the life span of human beings. Kidney will change differently with the seasonal climate. It is suggested that under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, syndrome differentiation and treatment should be carried out in a scientific way.

Kidney damage is irreversible, so the prevention of kidney disease is very important.

Food is supposed to be light, less salt, less oil, less meat, especially meat should be less at night. The reason is that all waste from protein decomposition is excreted through the kidney, and eating too much meat will increase the burden on the kidney.

According to the necessary points above you must obey these instructions to protect your kidney ,once you get the kidney disease you must go to see a doctor and accept the reasonable treatment in time ,then your kidney condition can be improved quickly and live the normal life again,If you have same questions or want to know more natural treatment with Traditional Chinese medicine please consult us through following message:

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