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What Procedures You Should Take To Avoid the Renal Failure

2018-08-24 10:40

When you have some kidney problems you must go to see a doctor in time.For the early treatment of chronic renal failure is of great significance in delaying the development of the disease and improving the prognosis of patients. For patients with chronic renal failure in the middle and late stages, diet and medication can also relieve their symptoms and delay dialysis time. In the application of non-dialysis treatment, nutrition therapy should be used as the basis, and drugs for delaying CRF progression should be used. intestinal catharsis or oral absorption therapy should be added to patients with obvious azotemia. In short, comprehensive treatment should be strengthened to relieve CRF symptoms from various aspects, improve the quality of life of patients, and delay the development of CRF.

Reducing calcium and phosphorus deposition in tubule interstitium; Such as a low phosphorus diet, alpha – ka, phosphorus binding agent, etc. Other measures are still being explored, such as some active vitamin D 3.

Reduce renal tubular hypermetabolism: Such as basic medicine, low protein diet, rhubarb preparation, cordyceps preparation and the like. at present, experimental results have suggested that this effect needs more clinical observation to confirm.

Correct hyperlipidemia: The application of unsaturated fatty acids and lipid lowering drugs may have the effect of slowing down glomerulosclerosis.

Reduce uremic toxin accumulation: Such as low protein diet, adsorption therapy, intestinal dialysis, etc.

Ca2 + antagonist: It may have the effect of slowing down glomerulosclerosis. its mechanism may be related to the control of hypertension, the reduction of glomerular hyperfiltration, and the reduction of calcium and phosphorus deposition in renal tissues.Antiplatelet drugs: It may have the effect of reducing renal microcirculatory thrombosis and slowing down glomerulosclerosis, which needs further study.

Other medicines: Drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, antioxidants, etc. may also have the effect of slowing down glomerulosclerosis or renal interstitial fibrosis, which needs further in-depth study.

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