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What Are The Reasons To Lead To Short Breathing For Uremic Patients

2018-09-02 14:28

To most uremic patients the serious complication is the short breathing,that is caused by the more liquid depositing in lungs.What to do if uremic patients have difficulty breathing? My sister found uremia, creatinine 831, dizziness, fatigue, and breathing difficulties, especially when she was sleeping at night, she could only sit for one night.The patient's mental pain is intensive. We, as family members, can't watch the patient's pain. May I ask the doctor what should be done about uremia? Must we have kidney replacement or dialysis?

Uremia is a serious kidney disease. This disease is caused by various diseases that affect the kidneys and cannot eliminate waste and water produced by human bodies, causing these waste and water to accumulate in the body. The deposition of toxins will not only cause injury to other organs in the body, but also bring serious concurrent symptoms to the patients. In fact, the cause of death of many patients is not uremia itself, but the complicated symptoms caused by uremia, such as heart failure, pericardial effusion, emphysema and other diseases, which in serious cases directly endanger the life safety of patients.

Dyspnea is one of the serious complications caused by uremia, which is caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. The main reasons for breathing difficulties are:

1. Pulmonary changes caused by uremia are the most common.

2. Bronchitis and bronchopneumonia;

3. Uremic pleurisy;

4. Deep breathing, Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

How to do if uremic patients have difficulty breathing? It is suggested that thorough dialysis be carried out first to control concurrent symptoms, eliminate toxins in the body to the greatest extent, and give the patient a clean internal environment. Provide a good environment for its standardized treatment. Therefore, It is suggested here that uremic patients should consult their doctors about their diet.

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