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You Must Caution The Slow Heartbeat With Renal Insufficiency

2018-09-06 11:38

As s kidney patient you should be alert to renal insufficiency if your heart rate is slow.

In the case of slow heartbeat, people usually think that there is a problem with the heart. Is this really the case? Ms. Feng, 60 years old this year, often suffered from palpitations and fatigue due to her history of hypertension for many years. However, in recent times, Ms. feng discovered that she was always weak, listless all day long, dizzy and black in the eyes, but did not suffer palpitations. Ms Feng, who felt wrong, went to the hospital for an examination but was diagnosed as ” renal insufficiency caused by hypertension”.

The middle-aged and elderly people, especially women, have edema of legs and feet or slow heartbeat, which may not be all heart diseases, but may also be signs of kidney disease. They should be alert to the occurrence of renal insufficiency.

The kidney is mainly responsible for filtering impurities in the blood and maintaining the balance of body fluids and electrolytes. However, for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, it is easy to cause small renal arteries to harden, the filtration rate of glomerulus is reduced, and a large amount of potassium ions cannot be discharged out of the body. Entering the blood can inhibit the excitability and contraction of the heart muscle. The specific manifestation is that the heartbeat slows down, some even lower than 45 times per minute. In addition, because of the decline in renal metabolic function, many elderly people will also suffer from fatigue, loss of appetite and other similar symptoms of sub – health. After discovering the symptoms, do not take the medicine by yourself. You should go to the nephrology department of the hospital to check the renal function in time.

For the clinical symptoms of renal insufficiency, there are typical symptoms such as edema, changes in urine volume, hematuria, and increased foam in urine. Due to the severe destruction of glomerulus in patients with renal insufficiency, the disorder of the body in excreting metabolic waste, regulating water electrolyte, acid-base balance and the like can develop along with the disease.Symptoms of all systems and organs of the whole body appear, endangering the whole body.

From the comments above you must pay attention to the symptoms of renal insufficiency and take the treatment in time,if you have the similar symptoms and want to resolve them please contact us through the following message:

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