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Is Proteinuria The Early Symptom Of Kidney Failure

2019-05-01 10:05

Kidney Failure,Early Symptom,ProteinuriaProteinuria, which has been touched by almost everyone concerned about health check-up, often appears in the prominent position of the check-up form. If only a simple loss of urinary protein, the body's cell construction did not occur abnormalities, in this case, timely supplementation of protein remediation, will recover in a short time. Following this article to get more answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

However, urinary protein is not as simple as it seems. Especially in nephrology, urinary protein, as the primary factor of independent impairment of kidney function, has attracted much attention from doctors and patients.

It has been found that the glomerular filtration barrier of human kidney is composed of glomerular capillary endothelial cells, basement membrane and epithelial cells. When cold and fatigue act on people with weak resistance to disease, it will cause inflammation of glomerular cell tissue, small area pathological damage of kidney, pathological changes of glomerular filtration function, filtration barrier and charge screen. When impaired, proteins and blood cells are filtered from the glomerular basement membrane into urine, showing urinary protein and occult blood.

Although proteinuria is not an early symptom of uremia, it indicates that the patient's renal function has been impaired. The early symptoms of uremia are mainly elevated serum creatinine, but proteinuria may also occur.

The greatest harm of proteinuria is to poison the kidney. When proteinuria occurs in the urine, it means that the glomerular basement membrane in the kidney is damaged. Once the glomerular basement membrane is damaged, it will slowly affect the renal parenchyma, and uremia is the result of the gradual deterioration of chronic renal parenchymal diseases. If proteinuria cannot be cured, it will develop into uremia sooner or later.

Therefore, although proteinuria is not an early symptom of uremia, when proteinuria occurs in nephrotic patients, it must not be ignored.

There are two main treatments for proteinuria:

1. Treatment of Urinary Protein with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Urinary protein is a fine substance of traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment of urinary protein by traditional Chinese medicine is to infiltrate the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine directly into damaged glomeruli and renal tubules, and treat damp, turbid, phlegm and blood stasis toxins with special effect. It can repair damaged glomeruli and renal tubules, increase the filtration ability of glomeruli to proteins, and improve the ability of reabsorbing proteins of renal tubules, thereby reducing the incidence of dampness, turbidity, phlegm Urine protein.

2. Western Medicine immunosuppressive therapy for urinary protein

Because the effective active ingredients of Chinese herbs need a process to treat urinary protein, the treatment of nephropathy patients in the initial stage still needs immunosuppressive drugs to cooperate, so that the protein can be guaranteed to be lowered in a short time, and then Chinese herbal medicine assistant therapy can repair the damaged kidney.

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