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Herbal Medicine for Renal Failure

2012-10-01 17:22

Kidney Failure, also known as Renal Failure, is a condition describing one’s kidneys fail. What does fail mean? It refers to the kidneys couldn’t function properly. What’s the result? Toxins, wastes and excess fluids accumulate inside the body. Besides, kidneys fail to secrete vital steroids. Problems show up as a result of failed kidneys. Herbal medicines do not refer to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), but Ayuredic in India. Herbal medicines may be helpful as western medicines fail to take effects and bring so many side effects.

On one hand, herbal medicines are good at dealing with symptoms coming with Renal Failure just like western medicines do, for example, itchy skin and edema etc. Some certain ingredients of herbal medicine such as dandelion root, a Chinese herb which aids in reducing swelling. Others including corn silk, horsetail or juniper berries can be used for correcting infection or inflammation of kidneys like bladder or urinary tract infections.

On the other hand, certain herbal medicine aids in improving kidney function, for instance, salvia root, also a Chinese herb, is responsible for promoting kidney function and has been used for treating Renal Failure or other renal diseases or not less than 30 years.

Some other herbs work for lowering high blood pressure, they can be: flos chrysanthemi, radix scutellariae or cassia seed etc.

However, herbal medicines may help boost your immune system and improve kidney function, they may result in Renal Failure in certain conditions. Those dangerous herbal drugs include caulis akebiae, radix aconiti agrestis, thunder god vine, motherwort, cocklebur fruit and radices trichosanthis etc. No matter patients with kidney problems or not, those medicines should be carefully used.

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