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Can the Dialysis Patients For 3 Years Be Improved By Herbal Medicine

2018-06-12 09:46

The nephropathy patients often suffer from the discomforts, such as swelling, headache, back pain, poor appetite, bad sleeping, nausea and vomiting etc. In order to eliminate these discomforts the patients have to accept the dialysis treatment to help them discharge more toxins and metabolic wastes out of body, then they will feel better . But the dialysis can not treat it from root, some kinds of toxins also can not be removed from blood ,then the patients also feel muscle cramp ,headache ,insomnia, poor appetite and weight loss, and they often are depressed in mind . Frequent dialysis has disturbed their normal life and work, so they always want to find a reasonable treatment to get rid of dialysis, but in western medicine therapy the doctors have told them it is impossible to remove the dialysis unless they accept the kidney transplant .But at present the new treatment technology has been developed in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ,the systemic natural treatment is very effective to treat all kinds of nephropathy, that is a good news to all renal patients. And I will explain the treatment principle as following for you, then that can help you understand the difference between Chinese herbal medicine and Western medicine.

To western medicine the dialysis is a effective treatment for the end stage renal disease patients ,it can help them discharge most toxins and wastes out of their body ,relieve the discomforts .But long time dialysis can produce many side effects to patients , and dialysis only can work instead of the kidney by the machine to remove some toxins ,it can not repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function. Furthermore with the dialysis time goes by ,your renal function decline more and more, and the urine output become less and less. Therefore the kidney experts suggest the patients if their urine output is in a reasonable sphere, you’d better not start the dialysis treatment ,otherwise your kidney function will be hurt more quickly, just like your other organs if you don’t use the organ function for a long time the organ will degenerate gradually and at last lose all function.

Why do the nephropathy patients have to accept the dialysis treatment? Main reason is that their kidney function has been damaged seriously and can not work normally to discharge the toxins and waste out of body, then they have to find a replacing method to remove the toxins, but even their toxins can be removed depending on the machine, their kidney function can not be improved and restored .Then you must look for another natural treatment to help you repair the damaged renal cells and improve your poor kidney function. Only in Chinese herbal medicine therapy you can find the effective treatment, that include as following : Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy, Moxibustion therapy, Fumigation therapy, Acupuncture therapy etc. In these therapies the Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy is the most effective therapy to the dialysis patients, the active substance in the herbal medicine powder can penetrate into the lesion of kidney with the help of penetration machine ,it can dilate blood vessels, remove the blood stasis ,improve the ischemia and hypoxia, promote blood circulation in kidney ,thus the damaged renal cells can be repaired to restore their function, at the same time with the help of Medicated foot bath therapy your sweat will increase to discharge more toxins from your body and your kidney function can restore naturally ,and gradually you can get rid of dialysis and live the normal life again. So to the patients who have accepted dialysis for three years don’t lose confidence to your condition. I think the systemic natural treatment can help you get better and get rid of dialysis at last.

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