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What Is the Good Treatment For Kidney Insufficiency Disease

2018-07-05 10:50

Having got Kidney Insufficiency, the patient is always very anxious because he can't get effective treatment. At present, the methods for treating kidney diseases are mainly from the perspectives of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. So, is Chinese medicine for treating kidney disease better than Western medicine? There is no absolute standard to judge which is better for Chinese medicine or Western medicine, and both Chinese and Western medicine have their own advantages.

Is Chinese medicine for treating kidney disease better? To western medicine in the treatment of kidney disease, it is almost common to choose hormones or immunosuppressive agents for treatment, although such treatment can quickly see the symptoms disappear, but it makes the patient's body resistance decreased, it is easy to re-infection, there are also some patients whose condition will recur after hormone reduction. There are even some patients, the use of hormones is not effective at all to them. The most important thing is that the side effects of hormones are great and cause patients some degree of distress.

The treatment of kidney disease is sometimes a long and complicated process. Although kidney disease is more difficult to treat. But overall, the kidney disease can be cured by using effective Chinese medicine for treating kidney disease.

What is the best way to treat Kidney Insufficiency?

If kidney disease is viewed from the cytological level, it is normal cell structure being destroyed. Among them, if glomerular capillary endothelial cells are damaged, we call it the glomerular capillary endothelial cell disease. If the epithelial cells of glomerular capillaries are damaged, it will lead to a series of epithelial cell diseases such as membranous nephropathy; If the mesangial cells are damaged, it will lead to a series of connective tissue diseases such as IGA nephropathy; If the renal tubular epithelial cells are damaged, it will lead to reflux nephropathy and acute and chronic pyelonephritis; If the interstitial cells are damaged, it will lead to interstitial nephritis.

What causes the changes in the kidney's inherent cells and their structure? Western medicine believes: There are four main categories of harmful substances that damage the cells in the kidney: 1 Various types of bacteria harmful substances, including various types of bacilli and coccus, etc.; 2 various types of viruses harmful substances, many types of viruses, all kinds of smaller pathogens can cause lesions are commonly known as viruses, such as smallpox, hepatitis B , fever and other viruses. In fact, the so-called virus is a related "poisonous" pathogen that can cause illness. 3 People absorb various types of harmful drugs and foods in the human body in a wrong manner, such as nephrotoxic drugs such as hydroquinone glycosides. 4 allergic elements. The infringement of these types of harmful substances will inevitably cause the immune and inflammatory response of the cells in the kidney. This type of immune inflammatory response is actually the cause of various types of primary kidney disease.

To kidney insufficiency patients the timely treatment is very important, and the natural treatment is more effective to help them repair the damaged renal cells and improve the kidney function, and the natural treatment has been researched by kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a long time, and developed it to a systemic treatment, if you are interested in the natural treatment please contact us as following:

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