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How To Improve The Renal Deficiency Patients With Chinese Herbal Medicine

2018-08-09 10:52

Deficiency patients are always worrying about their kidney condition,and they want to find some reasonable treatments to cure it.The deficiency and excess are a pair of concepts that reflect the rise and fall of evil spirits. The excess syndrome refers to the fact that evil spirits are strong and appropriate to attack. Deficiency syndrome refers to deficiency of vital qi, which should be supplemented.

Deficiency syndrome refers to some syndromes caused by deficiency of vital qi in human body, including viscera, yin and yang, essence and blood, etc. Clinical manifestations include pale white complexion, fatigue, palpitation, shortness of breath, frequent urination or inability to urinate, listlessness, night sweat, etc.

Excess syndrome refers to some syndromes caused by excessive pathogens in the body, which are caused by the invasion of pathogens into the body or dysfunction of internal organs. The clinical manifestations were coarse breathing, chest tightness, dysphoria, dysuria, constipation, abdominal distension and pain, thick and greasy tongue coating, etc.

Identification of exterior syndrome and interior syndrome. The discrimination between deficiency syndrome and demonstration generally has the following rules: The symptoms of strong body, tough tongue, early and middle stage of exogenous diseases, high sound and strong qi, strong pulse, and affraid of pressing the pain point are mostly excess syndrome. Asthenia, tender tongue, late stage of exogenous diseases, low voice and qi deficiency, weak pulse, and don’t affraid of pressing pain points are symptoms of deficiency syndrome.

There is also a difference between true and false in deficiency and excess. Generally speaking, abdominal distension and pain do not occur when distending, or pain is reduced when distending, and weak pulse is true deficiency and false excess. However, although they do not wish to eat, they can eat, abdominal distension and pain increase according to the pain. Although the pulse is heavy but strong, the symptom is true excess and false deficiency.

Then at present i suggest that people must take good care of their diet and do some reasonable exercise in their spare time,only depending on the medicines can not help them from root,but once detect your kidney condition you must go to see a professional doctor to accept their advice strictly. If you have some kidney disease with hypertension or diabetes please contact us through the following message:

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