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The Principle Of Diabetes Insipidus And Dealing With It

2018-08-09 11:02

Diabetes insipidus is a disease caused by lack of antidiuretic hormone ( also called vasopressin ). The onset of diabetes insipidus is usually gradual. the disease is gradually obvious in a few days or weeks, and sometimes it can start suddenly. The main clinical manifestations of diabetes insipidus are an increase in the number of urine, an increase in urine volume, followed by excessive thirst and drinking. Sometimes, excessive thirst occurs before excessive urine. The urine is very clear and does not contain sugar or protein.The specific gravity is low, usually in the range of 1.001 – 1.005, gradually wasting away. For example, under certain special circumstances, there is no access to drinking water, or there is unconsciousness after surgery, anesthesia, trauma, or hypothalamic lesions involving the thirsty center at the same time.If polyuria cannot be supplemented by drinking water, patients can rapidly develop severe dehydration and appear hypertonic syndrome, which are mainly nervous system symptoms caused by dehydration of brain cells. According to the severity of hypertonic degree, headache, myalgia, heart rate acceleration, temperament change, irritability and confusion can develop to delirium, coma, and body temperature can be reduced or high fever can occur, which can cause death. In the course of treatment with antidiuretic hormone, if the dosage is too large and the urine volume is reduced, the patient still drinks a large amount of water inappropriately or suffers from a decrease in the central function of thirst. All of them can cause excessive water in the body and appear hypoosmotic syndrome groups. Their main manifestations are also mental symptoms.

Diabetes insipidus has no specific disease name in traditional Chinese medicine. in Synopsis of the Golden Chamber, there is a provision that ” men quench thirst, urinate more, drink one bucket, urinate one bucket, and kidney qi pill governs it.”It is very close to the description of diabetes insipidus, so it is generally believed that it belongs to the category of diabetes insipidus. However, doctors of all ages believed that “wasting-thirst” mainly refers to diabetes.

Then at present i suggest that diabetes people must take good care of their diet and do some reasonable exercise in their spare time,only depending on the medicines can not help them from root,but once detect your kidney condition you must go to see a professional doctor to accept their advice strictly. If you have some kidney disease with hypertension or diabetes please contact us through the following message:

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