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Some Treatments and Prevention For Kidney Failure

2018-09-13 16:16

Nowadays more and more kidney failure patients can not get the reasonable treatment and delay the treatment oppotunity,then i want to share with you some treatment and prevention of kidney failure as following:

1. Etiological treatment

Treatment causes of renal failure, such as insufficient blood supply or blood loss, will give patients to replenish lost body fluids and water. If there is an infection, further treatment will be given to the infection.

2. Renal function

Because the kidney has lost its function, doctors will temporarily use dialysis treatment ( commonly known as kidney washing ) to help eliminate toxins and wastes in the body. If patients with acute renal failure do not receive proper treatment or cannot be controlled, and the disease changes from acute to chronic renal failure, they may have to wash their kidneys for life due touremia.

Dialysis refers to the selective elimination of certain substances in blood by filtration. That is to say, the toxic waste, water and salt accumulated in the patient’s body after renal failure are removed by artificial means, and the patient’s physical condition is restored to a healthy state. At present, there are two forms of dialysis: Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

3. Diet

Food control. For patients with renal failure, the toxins and wastes generated after food is eaten into the body cannot be discharged out of the body normally due to the destruction of renal function. Therefore, special attention must be paid to diet to avoid causing physical burden.

4. Renal transplantation treatment

When some patients with end-stage renal failure need dialysis treatment for a long time, kidney transplantation ( kidney exchange ) can bring better quality of life to the patients when their own conditions are suitable. However, renal transplant is a big project. Although the current medical technology is quite good, many prior evaluations are still needed to improve the chances of success.

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