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3 Kinds Of Medicines Help Relieve Proteinuria In Kidney Failure 3

2019-04-08 14:45

Kidney Failure 3,Relieve ProteinuriaUrinary protein in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease is mostly caused by immune disorders, so drugs are mainly aimed at immune treatment and regulation.

1. Glucocorticoid

In 1948, synthetic glucocorticoid drugs came out, and the remarkable effect of hormones on rheumatic immune diseases won it the Nobel Prize.

Hormones were then used to treat nephropathy, inhibiting the immune inflammation of the kidney and reducing urinary protein. For more than half a century, glucocorticoid has been the mainstay of chronic kidney disease treatment, until now.

2. Immunosuppressive agents

Hormone is also an immunosuppressant, but it is not a classical immunosuppressant. Since the 1950s and 1960s, various immunosuppressive agents have emerged: tacrolimus, cyclophosphamide, mycophenolate mofetil, cyclosporine, leflunomide, Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycosides and so on. When hormones are ineffective in the treatment of nephropathy, immunosuppressive agents are used to treat nephropathy and play a role.

Steroid hormones combined with alkylating agents have better effect on minimal change nephritis, and prednisone or cytotoxic drugs are ideal for focal stage glomerulosclerosis. In the past 20 years, it has been found that the combination of hormones and cytotoxic drugs has a good effect on membranous nephrotic nephritis.

3. Pri/Satan

In 1981, the first pralidol drug came into being; in 1994, the first sartan drug came into being. Both drugs belong to angiotensin inhibitors and were initially developed as antihypertensive drugs.

After several years of clinical application, their effects of reducing renal inflammation and proteinuria have been recognized by the medical profession, and their side effects are small. They have become the first-line drugs for the treatment of nephrotic proteinuria.

These are the three main drugs for the treatment of urinary protein in patients with nephropathy. Normally, no hormone or immunosuppressive agent is required if pril/sartan can quantify 24-hour urinary protein to less than 1 g. If the urinary protein is still greater than 1G after routine treatment, some nephropathy patients may need immunosuppressive agents to control the urinary protein. 24-hour urinary protein reduction to less than 0.5g is an ideal condition, more difficult to treat nephropathy, urinary protein should also be reduced to less than 1g, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of renal failure.

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