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Immunotherapy Treats Renal Failure

2013-02-17 10:53

The reason why Immunotherapy emerges. 95% of kidney diseases are belong to immune system diseases. Because of the lack of treatments that aims at rebuilding and recovering the innate immune system of human body, the kidney diseases can not be cured or controlled well. You may find that the condition even can relapse or be aggravated when you get a cold or other infections. The root cause is that the abnormal immune system has not been improved yet. When the condition develops into Renal Failure, dialysis or a kidney transplant will be patients’ choice. While Immunotherapy wants to change the current situation of kidney disease treatment.

Go and learn about Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy includes six steps. Every step has its clear purpose. From the following information, you will know that Immunotherapy is a systemic and comprehensive therapy.

Immune diagnosis: A clear diagnosis is very important for the following treatments. Apart from the common tests, some special tests like Kidney Damage Test and Uremia Test need to be done to detect the damaged kidney part, the damage degree and the types of wastes and toxins accumulating in the blood.

Immune clearance: Blood purification techniques will be used to clear the blood. There are many other kinds of blood purification techniques besides hemodialysis. Dialysis is commonly used to help Renal Failure patients eliminate creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen and other small molecules. Then how do we deal with other kinds of wastes and toxins, such as PTH, bilirubin, imflamatory madiators, RBP, HCY, immune complex, immune globulin and so on? We need to choose other kinds of blood purification techniques like hemofiltration, plasma exchange, blood perfusion to eliminate the corresponding toxic substances, according to the result of immune diagnosis. The advanced blood purification techniques help make the blood clean.

Immune blocking: The purpose of immune blocking is to stop the immune inflammatory reaction and the further damage to kidneys. At this stage, some immunosuppressive drugs like Tc-MDP, matrine and so on.

Immune tolerance: Small dose of immunosuppressive drugs will be kept using to let the kidney adapt the existence of immune complexes temporarily. It can decrease the damage caused by immune inflammatory reaction to some extent.

Immune adjustment: Chinese herbal medicine will be used to eliminate the immune complexes depositing in the kidneys through the functions of expanding blood vessels, anti inflammation, anti coagulation to degrade fibrosis. And also the Chinese herbal medicine can provide the nutrition for the damaged kidneys to rebuild the structure of kidneys. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath and pedicure are the different ways used in immune adjustment.

Immune protection: Traditional Chinese Medicine which can eliminate pathogenic factors and support genuine qi, relax muscles and tendons and activate collaterals will be used to enhance the kidney function and recover the innate immune system of human body.

Purpose of Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy not only repairs the damaged kidneys also rebuilds the innate immune system of human body. Immunotherapy tells Renal Failure patients that dialysis or a kidney transplant may not be the last choice.

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