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Blood Purification Treats Renal Failure

2012-09-16 18:16

blood purification treats renal failureWhen blood purification is mentioned, people often think of hemodialysis. As a matter of fact, apart from dialysis, some new blood purification techniques, such as hemofiltration, plasma exchange, immune adsorption and so on have emerged in recent years. Blood purification is a multidisciplinary boundary science, it can treat kidney diseases, blood diseases, rheumatism, immunological diseases, nervous system diseases and so on. The following information is about how blood purification treats Renal Failure.

When the condition develops into Renal Failure, much wastes and toxins have accumulated in the blood, which is because the kidneys are failed to remove them out of body. If these wastes and toxins always stay in the blood, they will reach every corner of the body with the blood flow and damage kidneys and other organs. So blood purification is needed to deal with this problem.

At this time, Renal Failure patients are usually treated by dialysis, the most common one among the blood purification techniques. Dialysis can really help Renal Failure patients remove some kinds of wastes out of body and maintain their lives to some extent, which we can not and will not deny. However, dialysis can only eliminate creatinine, uric acid, blood urea nitrogen and other small molecules. There are many kinds of toxic substances in the blood, so dialysis has its limitations, other toxic substances which dialysis can not eliminate will keep staying in the blood and damaging the organs. In order to improve the treatment effect, we need other types of blood purification techniques.

Hemofiltration can eliminate not only those that dialysis can eliminate also CysC, interleukin-6, PTH, chemicals, bilirubin and other medium molecular substances. Blood perfusion can also eliminate cytokines, imflamatory madiators, endotoxin, RBP, HCY and other macromolecular substances. Plasma exchange can eliminate macromolecular substances like immune complexes, immune globulin and so on.

From the information above, we can know that these types of blood purification techniques are more advanced and comprehensive than dialysis. If there are some of wastes and toxins we mentioned above in Renal Failure patients’ blood, there is no doubt that only dialysis can not treat the condition well.

Of course, before the blood purification techniques use, Renal Failure patients need to do a comprehensive checkup to detect what kinds of toxic substances stay in the blood, then we will choose the appropriate type of blood purification to eliminate corresponding substances, which can improve the treatment effect a lot.

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