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Ways to Relieve Edema in Kidney Disease

2016-08-29 17:26

Ways to Relieve Edema in Kidney DiseaseIn clinic, edema(swelling) can be induced by many causes, so the ways to treat it should be different. In the following i will introduce you some useful ways to treat it, hope it really can help you.

The common ways to relievie edema in kidney disease

● Restrict the fluid and sodium intake: When the kidneys are damaged severely, they can’t keep the fluid and sodium balance normally. If the patient takes excess sodium or drink too much water, it will worsen their swelling or even cause life-threatening complications.

● Diuretic: Through increasing kidney output, diuretics can help excrete excess fluid out of the body. Besides western drugs, some Chinese herbs also have such an effect such as dandelion root, saliva, nettle leaf and so on. These medicines are able to help alleviate swelling effectively with fewer side effects.

Dialysis: When diet modifications and medications can’t work, people who have swelling may need to consider dialysis. It is one common blood purification technique that can replace impaired kidney to filter out excess fluid and waste products, so it can be used to treat swelling.

Even though the above treatment options can help ease swelling, they can’t do anything for damaged kidney cells. Only if kidney function is improved successfully can swelling be treated thoroughly.

All of those ways we mentioned above can help the patient to relieve swelling, but they cannot solve this problem from the root causes. Here i recommend Toxin-Removing Treatment to you, it is one of the most effective way to relieve swelling, what’s more, it can treat swelling from its root cause. That is to say, with the help of this treatment, swelling in kidney disease can be controlled from relapse.

If you are interested in this treatment or want to treat kidney disease and those symptoms of it, you can send email t us, we will try our best to help you.

Our email: kidney-support@hotmail.com

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