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Kidney Failure Patient Get Rid of Dialysis Finally

2016-01-03 15:57

Kidney Failure Patient Get Rid of Dialysis FinallyPatient Name: Lin Ruixiang

Gender: Female

Age: 61

Nationality: Chinese American

Admission Time: 22ed, Jun,2012

She was a dialysis patient, meanwhile, she also suffered many symptoms, such as anemia, swelling, nausea, vomiting etc. In order to prevent her disease went to worse, she decided to come here for further treatment.

Medical History:

4 months ago, she got the edema of lower limbs with no significant incentives. Lately, the edema aggravated, meanwhile, she got some obvious symptoms, such as cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. And it didn’t go to well after half a month, so she came to see the doctor in their local hospital. The test shown urine protein 4+, blood urea nitrogen(BUN) 44mmol/L, serum creatinine 201umol/L, blood albumin lower to 15g/L, 24-hour urinary protein quantity 6.9g/24h. The biopsy result indicated he has got FSGS. The doctor gave her some medicines and Hormonotherapy to relieve the symptoms but without no good effect. Her serum creatinine increased to 795umol/L. At last, she was forced to take dialysis 3times/week, 4hours/time. Even though, her symptoms didn’t got relieved too much. In order to seek further treatment, she came to our hospital on 22ed, Jun,2012.

Conditions before treatment:

She has bad emotion, bad appetite, bad sleeping quality and bad heart function. Meanwhile, she also suffered from anasarca.

The test shown:

Hemoglobin 100g/L, urine glucose 2+, urine protein 4+, occult blood 2+, serum creatinine 966umol/L, blood albumin 16.8g/L. 24-hour urinary protein quality 6.14g/24h. Besides that, she also suffered from hypoproteinemia, massive proteinuria, hyperlipemia, lower immunity and so on.

Treatments in our hospital:

Hot Compress Therapy(Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy) 2times/day, 50min/time. Medicated Therapy 2times/day, Enema Therapy 2times/day, Maikang Mixture 3times/day, 50ml/time. Oral Chinese Medicine 3times/day, Moxibustion Therapy.

Conditions after treatment:

After treatment, her overall condition goes to well, now she can enjoy her diet and sleeping well. Most of the symptoms, such as protein urine and edema disappeared, the heart function also got improved in some degree. The serum creatinine level downs to 307umol/L from 966umol/L. The dialysis times downs from 3 times/week to 2 times/week after 2 months treatment, and now she has get rid of dialysis totally.

If you also want to get rid of dialysis or reduces the times of dialysis, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

Our email: kidney-support@hotmail.com

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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