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The More Effective And Practical Treatment For Kidney Insufficiency

2018-10-15 10:52

To most patients the herbal medicine is more convenient and effective to their condition,such as Yangbeigu decoction is economical and practical for treating kidney insufficiency.

Which man does not want to be alive all the time? However, fast-paced and high-intensity work, intense competition, endless pressure and long-term mental tension are all heavy burdens for middle-aged men. In addition, people’s physiological function changed from prosperity to decline in middle age, and many people suffered from soreness of waist and back, tinnitus and dizziness.

Kidney insufficiency refers to kidney deficiency, which can be generally divided into kidney yin deficiency, kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin and yang deficiency.

During the kidney deficiency period, most patients have symptoms such as listlessness, soreness of waist and lumbago, lack of physical strength, poor sleep ( including insomnia, dreaminess, lethargy ), and sexual hypofunction.

When kidney yin deficiency occurs, there are symptoms such as spermatorrhea, excessive urine volume or urine such as grease, dizziness, tinnitus, etc., and serious symptoms such as deafness, dry mouth, night sweat, low fever, red cheeks, and hot palms and soles.

Kidney yang deficiency has soreness of waist and lumbago, hyposexuality, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, impotence, etc.

There are many foods with kidney tonifying effect, of which the most simple and feasible one is sheep back bone soup, which is economical and practical.

Wash and cook sheep’s back bones for two hours, add onion and ginger seasoning as soup base.

For kidney deficiency, emaciated, debilitated, debilitated and lumbar pain, the sheep spine can be chopped up, 30g of Chinese medicine Cistanche deserticola, 1g to 3g of silk ( wrapped in cloth ) are added with water and decocted together, after 2 to 3hours, the juice is added with rice and boiled into porridge, and the porridge is eaten with seasonings.

Sheep kidney also has more therapeutic effects on lumbago, weakness of foot and knee, impotence of spermatorrhea, etc. caused by kidney deficiency.

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