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Proteinuria Can Be Dealed Effectively With Chinese Herbal Medicine

2018-11-13 11:00

To most kidney patients they often find the protein in urine,and the doctor often suggest them to take some medicines persistently to reduce the protein,but with the time goes by some patients are feel well and some others are becoming serious again,why do these situation occur to these kidney patients? And then more and more kidney patients are beginning to look for other treatments except the western medicine.

Drugs for high urinary protein should be paid attention to by patients. Drugs can only temporarily maintain the disease. Drugs for high urinary protein should not be too panicked when nephrotic patients have a large amount of proteinuria.

When a small amount of proteinuria appears, the severity of the disease cannot be ignored. It is best to diagnose the condition in time, formulated corresponding Treatment of proteinuria.

The combination of Chinese and Western medicine is applicable to the syndrome of chronic nephritis due to wind damage, internal disturbance and kidney disease caused by induced by pathogen stagnation and the increase of urine protein. Symptoms of fever, headache, limbs, sneezing, or itching and coughing. For those who are cold, avert to cold, white fur and unsteady pulse, the treatment of expelling wind and removing cold is recommended.

Fever, sore throat, dry mouth, phlegm yellow, red sputum, tongue red, thin yellow and pulse floating number, treatment with hurricane heat, Fang Yinqiao scattered addition and subtraction, Commonly used drugs are honeysuckle forsythia, burdock, houttuynia, radix isatidis alfalfa, alfalfa, achyranthes, duckweed et al . Qi deficiency Therapists often have recurrent episodes of colds, more bad winds, pale tongue and slow pulse, and should be treated with Yufengfeng. Commonly used drugs such as Radix Astragali windproof et al Chinese medicine prescription for the treatment of nephropathy proteinuria.

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