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You Must Know Some Misunderstanding About Treatment Of Nephritis

2018-11-22 10:21

To nephritis patients they are always eager to find the treatment ,but don’t know which one is the reasonable for them,during the treatment period there are often some mistakes occur,then i will share them with you as following.

Misunderstanding 1: Many people think that hormones can completely cure nephritis. In the course of treatment, doctors usually choose some hormones ( cyclophosphamide ) and so on. Although they may have certain therapeutic effects, long-term use of hormone therapy may cause many inappropriate symptoms to patients.

Misunderstanding 2: Ignoring the interaction and incompatibility between drugs. In reality, however, many doctors mix immunity – enhancing drugs with some hormone drugs ( cyclophosphamide, etc. ) which will delay the treatment of diseases, but also may cause repeated attacks of nephritis and aggravate the patients condition.

Misunderstanding 3: The dialysis effect is better. When nephritis develops to a certain extent, uremia will appear. Many doctors or patients will think that western medicine treatment is too slow and the effect is not good, so they put their hopes on dialysis. But not every patient has to undergo dialysis. Some patients were originally in stable condition. Once dialysis was carried out, their condition recurred, and even other complications occurred, resulting in a rapid deterioration of the condition.

Misunderstanding 4: Kidney Transplant. Many patients or doctors also think that kidney transplain is ideal solusion for kidney diseases. However, in reality, the probability of successful matching is quite small when there are not many kidney sources. If the transplant fails, the patient will suffer more, which is a great destruction to both body and mind, and even aggravates the condition and brings more trouble to the treatment.

Nowadays more and more patients are looking for the reasonable treatment which can help them avoid dialysis or kidney transplantation,and now the natural treatment has great effect on kidney disease,if you want to know more about that please consult us through the following message:

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