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You Must Pay More Attention To Harms Of Pyelonephritis

2018-11-22 15:03

To pyelonephritis someone think it is a small disease and don’t concern it seriously,but with the time goes by the harm can be produced to your kidney function ,and we should know what harm will pyeloNephritis bring to patients.

First, the disease is caused by bacteria infecting the kidney, causing chronic inflammation, invading the renal pelvis and interstitium, and the calyceal tissue. Because of repeated inflammatory stimulation, the kidney calices and interstitium ,renal pelvis were damaged, and scars caused kidney atrophy and dysfunction. These are the clinical symptoms of pyelonephritis, so patients with these symptoms should be treated in time to avoid aggravation.

Second, the patients with the disease usually only have soreness of the waist and low fever, and do not have obvious symptoms of urinary pain due to road infection. However, some patients have symptoms of frequent urination and urgent urination, mainly a decrease in the number of white blood cells in urine and an increase in nocturia. Long – term or repeated attacks of the disease in patients who develop to the late stage can cause infection and uremia, posing a greater threat to the health of patients.

Third, although the symptoms of pyelonephritis are not obvious, the consequences are very serious. The clinical symptoms of pyelonephritis mainly include anorexia and lumbago. These symptoms are generally the first symptoms of pyelonephritis. With the development of the disease, the patient will also have symptoms such as fatigue, anorexia, intermittent low fever, lumbago, discomfort in the costal region, frequent micturition, painful urination and urgent urination, as well as hematuria or asymptomatic bacteriuria.

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