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How Long Can Patients with Kidney Disease And Diabetes Live on Dialysis

2012-12-15 16:55

Kidney Disease, Diabetes, DialysisWe always say that what really fatal is not Diabetes itself, but its complications. And kidney disease is one of them. Now we will deal with such a problem that how long can patients with kidney disease and Diabetes live on dialysis.

In general, if the Diabetes causes the kidney damage, we call it Diabetic Nephropathy. And the initial symptom of Diabetic Nephropathy is microalbumin. Generally speaking, diabetics usually have symptoms like fatigue, poor appetite, leg pain, sleepy and so on. And the microalbumin is not easy to be found, so diabetics should do the regular checkups, the early treatments can make the prognosis better. Besides the kidney disease, other complications of Diabetes include: Diabetic Eye Disease, Diabetic Foot Disease, Diabetic Encephalopathy, Diabetic Heart Disease and so on. Usually diabetics die from these complications.

If the Diabetic Nephropathy can not be controlled well, if the kidney function keeps declining, dialysis will be recommended. In general, for kidney disease patients, when the creatinine level reaches about 707umol/L, dialysis will be used. While Diabetic Nephropathy patients usually undergo dialysis earlier than those patients with kidney disease caused not by Diabetes. Dialysis can help patients remove the toxins out of body and maintain their lives to some extent. As to how long can patients with kidney disease and Diabetes live on dialysis, the average lifespan is about 4.25 years, and only 23% of patients can live for 10 years. Well, if Diabetic Nephropathy patients finally receive a kidney transplant, in general, patients will live longer.

Here we would like to say as long as patients still have some certain kidney function, that is to say, if they still can pass urine, Chinese herbal medicines may help patients get rid of dialysis and avoid kidney transplant. That is because Chinese herbal medicine can treat both kidney disease and Diabetes. The reason why Diabetic Nephropathy is delayed is because the kidney damage can not be treated. While the proper Chinese herbal medicines chosen by the experts can provide the nutrition for the damaged kidneys, expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, anti inflammation and anti coagulation. As long as the kidney damage can be repaired, then kidney function can be enhanced, then dialysis can be gotten rid of. As to the Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes belongs to the autoimmune disease, the pancreatic beta cells are destroyed by the abnormal own body fluids and cellular immune response because of the abnormal immune system. Then the insulin can not be secreted. The Chinese herbal medicines can not only adjust the immune system also eliminate these substances destroying pancreatic beta cells. We hope all the diabetics could avoid kidney disease, all the Diabetic Nephropathy patients could avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

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